How to Save Yourself From Social Media Regrets

How to Save Yourself From Social Media Regrets

Events and social media have a lot in common – they bring people with same interests together, so that they can talk, meet, share opinions and knowledge, and guide each other. Event presenters today have started using social media to maximize promotional benefits, but they often end up with these social media regrets. How many have you dealt with?


To most people, this may sound like jargon, but event presenters who run social media campaigns are familiar with this term. It basically refers to the conversations about your event going on in social media.

Even if your event isn’t the biggest event in town, if you have attendees, it’s highly likely that they’re going to be talking about it on social media. They’ll be tweeting their opinions, posting pictures of your event, maybe even blogging about the insights. You might want to keep track of this back channel by encouraging people to use a hashtag dedicated to your event. Keep your hashtag crisp and easy, so that people don’t forget or misspell it, and at the same time, it should relate to your event.


It’s not unnatural to believe that everything will fall in place, or go according to the plan. Nobody wants to overthink a situation and panic about it. But, for event presenters, you have to be prepared for all that could go wrong.

You need to have a communication plan ready with your team in case something goes amiss. That way, your social media guy won’t have to spend the entire event making rapid decisions and thinking on his feet. Of course, it isn’t a good feeling, thinking the building could be set on fire. But, don’t we still have evacuation drills?


Social media is a lot about content, but is that all it is about? There are many people who follow event pages or accounts to get general queries answered like “What’s the food like?” or “Where can we get the speaker’s slides?”

People with a background in customer service can easily tackle difficult situations related to customers, and are also great at analyzing feedbacks and making improvements based on that. So, make sure you don’t neglect the customer service aspect of social media.


So, you had a great event, your hashtag took the center stage on social media, people have been tweeting and commenting and posting about it – what’s next, though? How are you going to retain this response and use it to your advantage?

Favorite all the tweets people have posted about your event and screenshot or save the pictures, comments, posts, and blogs. When you put these up on your website, they are a real depiction of your dedication to your event and customer satisfaction. Also, they are feedbacks that you can analyze in order to chalk out improvements for your next event.


Almost all event presenters use social media as a key tool for promotion, but often make the same mistakes. Pause a little, look where you’re going wrong, make necessary amendments, and then move ahead. You’ll practically witness the growth that way when you receive positive responses.

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