Your Sales Team can do much better, believe it!

Your Sales Team can do much better, believe it!

An event company’s business thrives on how well the event is marketed, and what the event sales team can turn out of it. Marketing team and sales representatives form the backbone of any company.

Sadly, not every sales executive comes up with the best of the performance. There is always up and down in the sales graph. In such a situation, the company should take a note of what it can do to get the maximum out of their sales team.

Well, here are some sure-shot methods that will help you reap the best from salespersons:

How good you are as a motivator

When you don’t get the desired result, gushing out fiery smokes from your ears and yelling on top of the voice won’t help. Calm down and provide your team the much needed support. Sit with them and look into the areas where they have gone wrong and need help. Instil confidence in them. Give them a proper briefing of the event; involve them from the beginning. Bringing them into the picture at the last hour with little planning will yield no result. Encourage your sales team with attractive rewards, incentives, bonus, trips, or a dinner with the company’s big boss.

Breaking out from the four-wall closed room

Sometimes, having a discussion in a four-wall closed room freezes your mind and stops the free flow of ideas. Break this norm and take the team out from this closed environment. A friendlier and relaxed atmosphere means less pressure; there will be more exchange of ideas that will always work to the benefit of the company.

Time is Precious

Don’t waste the valuable time of your salesperson. We often see that many sales representatives are occupied in entering data, finishing some insignificant admin work, resulting in a waste of time. The organization must find out ways to minimize the wastage of time. Understanding target audience thoroughly; providing sales team with a support staff to do all the admin work; equipping them with handy tools; and options of quick communication should be explored to save their precious time and increase productivity.

Exploring Online Marketing

Making best use of online marketing can be helpful in meeting the required targets. However, getting maximum ‘register now’ button clicked is not the only way to gauge the success of online marketing. Keep the sales group updated about the latest digital marketing tools. Limiting them to tools such as Google Adwords, SEO, Newsletters will restrict them from earning more revenues, especially when the market is really competitive. Feed them with regular social updates on trending business mantra, familiarize them with time saving and business friendly applications. Allow them to use social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Google+ to run sales campaign and generate more leads and conversion.

Utilize these simple and easy methods, and maximize the revenue.

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