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Round-Up Of Our Most-Preferred Features in 2019

Most-preferred features

Most-preferred features

2019 is on the verge of wrapping up and we’re about to transition into a new year that will usher in a new set of event marketing features and trends. Our Enterprise Grade features elevate event ticketing and revenue generation for presenters and hospitality enterprises worldwide. Here’s a round-up of our most-preferred features in 2019. 

Insight-Based Engagement

Data is a powerful tool for any event marketer out there. You need to understand why a particular event sold out and why it didn’t. And if it didn’t, did you ponder over your insights and reports to fulfill your attendee’s desires next time? 

We noticed a recurring pattern with our event presenters using our Event Tickets Reporting feature

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

They customized their event marketing approach with data points to engage with the right audiences after every event they organized. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

With real-time stats regarding inventory, sales, and accounting statistics, we witnessed this most-preferred feature to be a clear cut winner across all venues and events. 

Personalized Email Marketing

Personalizing content before shooting it out to your audiences changes the result of your marketing campaign. With our Mailchimp Integration, our event presenters produced some of the best lead generating email campaigns. The key to a healthy open rate was to add a personal touch with topical emailers. It was quite evident even in 2019 that email marketing will never go out of fashion for its brand awareness and lead generating capabilities.  

Event Marketing Services

A little push goes a long way in reaching that extra mile. All our event presenters did was create their events on our platform, and we provided a host of event marketing services that gave them that boost to reach a wider audience. We promoted their events on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and LinkedIn, depending on the nature of their event)

Screenshot – Facebook Marketing Insights

A few event promoters wanted the top slot so they leveraged our premium listing services and increased their visibility by 10x! Others wanted a blog post written exclusively for their event so our marketing specialists churned out blogs on our website reflecting pre and post-event related content that further enhanced their reach.

Apart from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, event presenters can now add their Instagram profile links to their Online Ticket Store. Should a ticket purchaser want to visit the presenter’s Instagram profile, they will now be able to without having to look up the profile on the Instagram app. With these services, we cut down on minutes of wasted time for all Yapsody users.

Google Analytics Integration 

If there’s one feature that is unanimously used by all our event presenters regularly, it’s Google Analytics and rightly so. Leveraging the mighty Google Analytics Integration, our presenters were able to:

Ticketing Validating Apps

At Yapsody, we offer event presenters various Ticket Validating Apps to boost the ticket validation process. The end goal of any event is to be a success in the minds and hearts of your audiences. And it’s not gonna happen if you make them wait for an hour in a queue. Event ticketing apps make tasks like validating attendees, scanning tickets and reporting simple and quick. We continue to update our apps that make ticket validation a breeze. 

Personalized Chat Support

There was a rising trend in chatbot adoption but many event attendees don’t prefer a robotic problem solver. While automating customer service, it becomes important to address an attendee’s queries on a personal, empathetic level to make them feel valued. Our event presenters closed that gap through our Support team. Tactful customer support before, during, and after the event remains one of the key factors in making your event attendees happy. 


With data becoming an extremely powerful tool, handling sensitive data can be risky. From misusing third-party data to the exchange of data, it is challenging for event presenters to secure their events and attendees from cyber attacks. This is one of the many reasons why event presenters and hospitality enterprises trusted us with their ticketing and revenue generation. 

Yapsody employs a cross-functional team of specialists to oversee PCI Compliance and avoid credit card frauds. We are also GDPR compliant that keeps attendee information secure. Read Yapsody’s GDPR policy here. Through our super-secure platform, event presenters remain untroubled with their entire event creation, payment integration, and ticket selling process. 

Adding Events To Calendar 

We’ve witnessed our event presenters undergoing scenarios where their event managed to sell out quickly, but on the D-Day, they ended up with a few empty seats. Their ‘Early Birds’ forgot they ever purchased tickets. To remedy this, we added the ‘Add To Calendar’ plug-in on our platform to ensure their ticket purchasers never forget to attend events again. Once they’ve made a ticket purchase, attendees would receive a reminder for the event directly in their Apple, Google or Outlook calendar. This plug-in made life easier for presenters having a WordPress or Wix site.

Screenshot – Yapsody WordPress Integration

This plugin bridges the gap between the presenter’s WordPress or Wix platform and our Online Store to market their events on their website within a calendar. 

Screenshot – Yapsody WordPress Integration

This calendar dynamically display events on the calendar as and when an event is added, updated or deleted.

Screenshot – Yapsody Calendar

Global Language Selection On Mobile 

Our event ticketing platform facilitates the sales of over 1M event tickets for presenters worldwide. To ensure their tickets sales are not lost in translation, their event attendees can choose from over 15 global languages to view tickets on their Online Ticket Store on their mobile itself.

Yapsody Supported Languages

 This made it easier for Non-English speaking attendees to:

An event presenter’s ultimate goal is to bring people together for a shared experience and Yapsody leaves no stone unturned to elevate that event experience. 

These were a round-up of our most-preferred features used by event presenters on board with Yapsody. Want to integrate these features to elevate your event creation and revenue generation? Sign up now as a presenter and sell your first 50 tickets with NO ticketing fee + Pass On Fees & collect money directly in your favorite payment gateway account.

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