Returning Back To The World Of Live Events Safely

Returning Back To The World Of Live Events Safely

With live events making a comeback, event attendees all across the world are finally happy to witness a bit of socially distanced events. With Moderna showing 95% protection and the Oxford vaccine showing its effectiveness, there comes a new hope all over the world for returning back to the old normal. 

Having said that, there are quite a few hospitality venues and event organizers who might be skeptical about their first step into the world of live events after a long hiatus. We have a quick checklist for those looking to hit the ground running. 

Here’s How You Can Transition Into The World Of Live Events Safely

1. Showcase Your Re-Opening Plans

Your audience would very much like to know what they’re getting themselves into. Communicating effectively is key to enhancing your re-opening plans and event visibility. Show them the additional measures you’ve undertaken and steps that will be taken during the time of the event. Your event day, date, ticket prices, and venue capacities included.

2. Use Surveys & Feedback

Always a winning strategy among those venues who are functioning in the new normal, surveys are an excellent tool to gather insights. Gathering event audience feedback effectively is a sure-shot way of gaining pre-opening insights from the people who will attend your events. Use simple questions and scenarios that are easy for them to finish your survey. Maybe incentivize them with an early bird discount or package upon finishing your survey.

3. Choosing A Steady Mix Of Online & Offline 

Switching to an online mode of organizing events has been adopted all over the world. Who wouldn’t want a live experience right from the comfort of their home? Part of dealing with event uncertainty in the COVID era involves being ready to move from live to virtual events whenever required. As an event organizer, you should choose a steady mix of online and offline live events based on what works best for your audience. 

4. Organize Test Events 

Lead by example, always. Chances are that you won’t be able to go full regalia when it comes to selling out events. This is the perfect opportunity for planning invite-only events that enhance your event exclusivity and privacy. Not only is your event socially distanced, but it will also work as a great comeback and litmus test for your future events. 

5. Showcase Health & Safety Precautions

Attendees are looking for the safest venue that follows necessary protocols during this time. Transitioning into the world of live events means being proactive in your logistics and operations before, during, and after the event. Make sure you and your on-ground team members are following state-approved rules and regulations. Once you through with that, showcase all of that to your audience and gain their trust to have them step back into your world of entertainment and hospitality. Learn more about acquiring and retaining your event attendees

We hope this quick checklist helps you get creative and innovative with your event planning ideas. Our COVID Recovery Offer is valid till 31st December 2020 to help you manage your cash flows better. 

Our team is always here to help you and assist you every step of the way, just click on the chat icon on the bottom to get connected to our customer care with any query that you may have while creating your event.

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