Ramping Up Your Marketing Efforts In The COVID Era

Ramping Up Your Marketing Efforts In The COVID Era

With COVID putting businesses on an indefinite standstill, many in the event industry have decided to turn this breakdown into a breakthrough. Being still doesn’t really mean halting all your activities for good. We’ve witnessed many event organizers and hospitality enterprises take the virtual route for hosting their events. Ramping up your marketing efforts is also crucial during this time to keep a steady pulse on your audience with regular updates and communications.

Here’s How You Can Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts in The COVID Era: 

1. Optimize Your Website To Rank Higher 

This is a time when online engagement and internet usage has surged exponentially. Your audience is searching for new modes of entertainment and online which is why your brand website should be optimized by SEO experts for it to rank higher. As part of our Assistance and Recovery Program, we’re offering our existing suite of marketing services to the hospitality and entertainment industry. 

Yapsody Marketing Services

Optimizing your website with the right mix of content and keywords will help you stay on top of search results and get discovered by potential audiences.

2. Use Surveys To Plan For The Future 

Apart from hosting web events, organizers and concert clients have been using our event ticketing platform to build their own questionnaires & surveys which helps them collect important data from their guests.  The types of questions you ask in a survey can give you a mountain of information that you can utilize for planning your future events.

Think about what your target audience expects out of the post-pandemic situation and questions which you need answers to that will help you plan better for the upcoming months. Here are 3 Types of Surveys to Improve Your Event Planning. 

3. Create A Strong Brand Recall 

All your marketing and branding efforts are a success only if your target audience is able to connect with your brand of events and shows in the future as well. Creating a strong brand recall ensures that your potential ticket-buying audience gravitates towards you and not your competitors. We have been helping key entities in the hospitality and entertainment industry with our marketing suite of services

If you’re an event presenter looking to use a robust event ticketing platform, you can SIGN UP here and also schedule a discussion with us to register for our marketing suite of services.  

Assistance & Recovery Program for Native American Casinos

In this climate of uncertainty, businesses worldwide have either curtailed their offerings or come to a standstill until further notice. Yet, acting purely out of our love and commitment to supporting our family of Native American Casinos in achieving a swift recovery, we are extending our existing suite of services to the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program. 

Our program will help serve your business operations, optimize your existing processes, grow your profitability, and save costs significantly on the road to recovery. Remember to stay safe as we, as a community will come out stronger than ever once this pandemic passes away safely.

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