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Raising Funds By Selling Event Tickets & Accepting Donations Online

Raising Funds By Selling Event Tickets & Accepting Donations Online

We recognize that non-profit entities exist for the betterment of the communities. We continue to do our part to support those communities globally. With our event ticketing platform, it’s also possible to raise funds while selling event tickets online. Being a non-profit entity, you already qualify to receive a flat 50% rebate on your monthly invoice, be it a charity music event or a community yard sale. When you combine that with our Pass on Fees feature, you can raise additional funds.


Let’s say you collect $1 from your attendees. With our 50% rebate, you pay us only $0.5 and when you pass on the fees, the remaining $0.5 is borne by your attendees. By the end of the month, you only pay 50% of the collected ticketing fee (which is already paid by your attendees). The price that you would have paid us is the additional revenue can be utilized to raise more funds.

Along with that, we also have a feature called “Accept Donations” which is specially designed for non-profit entities for accepting donations from their Online Ticket Store and Virtual Box Office. It is applicable for presenters across all our pricing tiers, irrespective of whether it is general admission or reserved seating event. So if you want to raise funds by selling online event tickets, learn more on Accepting Donations From The ‘Online Ticket Store’ & ‘Virtual Box Office’

If you’re a non-profit or a charitable entity looking to foray into online event ticketing and raise additional funds, don’t forget to SIGN UP with us.

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