Quick Tip: Getting the Most out of Pinterest in [current_year]

Quick Tip: Getting the Most out of Pinterest in [current_year]

Pinterest has become an extremely popular social media site which can be exploited for event promotion. Pinterest marketing is something many wish to try but is not really sure about. If you wish use Pinterest for social media marketing, read our comprehensive guide to making the most out of Pinterest.

Firstly, Pinterest is for specific people, so unless your event fits the general mood of people on Pinterest, there is no use promoting it there. Secondly, you need to create your own board on Pinterest before promoting.

Putting pins

Pins are a specialty of this site which you have to put on the boards. By organizing your board you can attract a lot of followers who are interested in the ‘pins’ on your board. It is an effective way of making lots of people interested in you event in a short period of time and sell tickets.  Your pins should be relevant to the event that you are promoting.

Hashtags everywhere

Hashtag is the most effective way of SMM and also tracking the demographics of engagement. One can’t do promotions in social media without hashtags. In Pinterest hashtags are of primary importance for any post to be noticed. Whatever is the subject of your event, you must add related hashtags to ensure that it reaches people who also use the same hashtags. With hashtags one can gain several followers in a single day.

Traditional advertising

Surprisingly Pinterest still allows you to advertise your event in the old fashioned way. Though the feature hasn’t been developed fully yet, but you can join the list of people waiting to advertise with them. It is similar to Facebook or Instagram where you find promoted posts. Similarly Pinterest wants to have a promoted pins feature that will make your pins visible to a lot more people and help event organizers to sell tickets online through the platform. This will be an extremely conducive method of advertising once it’s developed.

Have good pictures

In Pinterest pictures hold a lot of value. If you wish to campaign successfully for your event, you will need to have a lot of really good pictures. Look at any other company’s boards for reference.  Your promotion shouldn’t be blatant; it has to be garbed in something attractive. Pictures enable you to attract people and then you can promote your event to thorough these pictures.

Have a business account

In Pinterest you can have an account tagged as a business account. Here you can measure the various demographics like popular pins, viewers of your pins, etc. it helps you make a survey of trends and your performance in the site.  Used effectively this can yield a lot.


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