Creative Giveaway Swag Ideas for Event Marketing

Creative Giveaway Swag Ideas for Event Marketing

Of course, ideally, if I’m attending an event, it’s for the presentations, lectures, and the workshops. But, no matter how awesome these are, if I’m not leaving with a freebie, I’m definitely leaving with a frown.

The reason promotional giveaways are known as swag is because they are too cool to be true. Along with making your attendees happy, they also promote your brand. You know how, after a breakup, their gifts and letters always remind you of them because you continue using them? It’s pretty much the same reasoning, only less heartbreaking. Flyers and pamphlets only provide origami inclined uses, but promotional freebies will remind your attendees of the amazing event you hosted every time they use the products.

  1. Gift Bags

Reusable tote bags that are branded and usually used for buying groceries can make awesome event swags. Give them out at the time of registration or during the event, and the attendees will also be able to use them to store additional promotional items from different stalls during the event. Also, you can already put in the regular freebies (pens, chocolates, keyrings) before handing out the bags. If these knickknacks exceed your budget, only give them to your VIPs. Customizing them for the special guests would also boost your brand’s image.

  1. Flash Drives

Today, nobody can get enough flash drives. They are handy little digital packets everyone wants to carry along with them because you never know when you might need one. If you place an order in bulk for the one gigabyte ones, you can also get them at lower costs. Don’t hand out empty flash drives, upload promotional digital content like –

  • Digital flyers
  • Printable coupons or discount codes
  • A calendar that includes upcoming events near me
  • A digital brochure that gives an insight into the services your brand offers
  • Sponsors’ brochures
  • Audio or Video recordings of previous events
  1. Notebooks

Android and iOS can launch as many notepad apps as they like, but nothing will beat the classic pen-and-paper scribbles and doodles. You can either give away the standard 8.5″ X 11″ notebooks, or the pocket-sized ones – both are equally efficient. Notebooks can also include promotional stuff like tear-out coupons or pamphlets. Hand them out with pens or place them on the seats before the lectures begin so that your attendees won’t have to rummage through their bags or sheepishly ask their neighbors for apparatus to take down notes.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles

Because I’ve lost most of my money in the form of water bottles. Giving away plastic, reusable water bottles promotes the fact that your company endorses eco-friendliness. They are also budget-friendly and save you from the trouble of handing out packaged water bottles because you can have dispensaries water stations where your attendees can refill their bottles.

You may want to replace plastic bottles with glass ones for VIPs because they are generally more expensive and aesthetic.

  1. Seasonal or Location Centric Goodies

Bottles and flash drives can be used throughout the year, but handing out freebies that are specific to the season or location won’t hurt you in any way. In fact, they pass as better memories. For example, if your event is in Paris, you could give Eiffel tower charms bracelets, keyrings, coasters, or fridge magnets. And if it’s Halloween, spooky promotional stuff will only add more meaning to event “swag”.

  1. Portable Chargers

The high utility of smartphones is often weighed down by their high battery consumption. If your event has made it big in the social media, most of your attendees will be blogging and tweeting about it during the event. If you hand these out in the middle of the event (that will be the time when most of their phones will have their red lights beeping), it’ll amaze your attendees by showing that you really care about the needs of your audience.

  1. Snacks

No, I haven’t included this by mistake. Of course, you’ll be having a lunch break in between, but if it’s a long event, most tummies will be rumbling on an hourly basis. Hand out small snacks with promotional wrappers or package. These may include chips, cookies, fruit juice, or even gummy bears. Even though your logo will end up in the trash along with the wrappers, it’ll leave a lasting positive impression.

  1. Umbrellas

After water bottles, these have cost me the most. If it’s a hot or rainy day, umbrellas with your company’s logo will be more than happily used by all your attendees. Even after the event is over, these umbrellas will keep providing you an outdoor promotion as long as they remain free of punctures. What better way to shine even on a rainy day?

  1. Branded Earphones

During events, it’s extremely difficult to talk on the phone when the auditorium is booming with the speaker’s voice and an infinite audience chatter. So, giving away branded earphones will be highly appreciated by your attendees. Though headphones look like better choices because they provide more space for your logo, you should go along with earphones because with only one plug inside the ear, the attendees can always listen to the lecture with the other ear. You can have the logo on the casing or om a tiny label around the wires.

Pens and caps may still work, but they’re a little outdated. If you wish to emerge out of the ordinary, do keep aside a fraction of your budget to invest in these giveaways. Don’t see them as freebies, think of them to be promotional investments that’ll spread your brand awareness long after you’re done with the event.

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