Promote your Event Effectively with Yapsody’s MailChimp Integration

Promote your Event Effectively with Yapsody’s MailChimp Integration

When it comes to promoting an event and drive attendees to your event, only a few channels can give you the best results. Email marketing is one of them. It is the most personalized interactive method that delivers your message directly to your target audience. Having said that, if your email marketing strategy is not planned through, your campaign can be a total failure. In simple words, there are 2 things that decide the fate of your email marketing campaign – your marketing strategy and a good email marketing tool. MailChimp is a leading email marketing platform designed to grow your attendee base and automate the marketing process. With Yapsody’s MailChimp integration, it is easy to quickly import your customer list into your MailChimp account and get started with your next email marketing campaign.

All you have to do is create your account with Yapsody. Easily set up a MailChimp account with Yapsody. Once your MailChimp account is set up and as your attendees begin to purchase tickets online, Yapsody automatically imports and syncs their email addresses into your MailChimp account. You can utilize these mailing lists every time you create a new email marketing campaign.

What can you do with the MailChimp integration? The possibilities are endless. To start with, promote upcoming events, send invites and remind attendees about your event. You can also send newsletters, targeted email campaigns and provide real-time updates to your attendees to always stay connected with them.

At Yapsody, we love exceeding presenter expectations. That’s why when it comes to online ticketing, we offer some of the best features in the event ticketing industry. Use our effective email marketing strategies to let your attendees know about your event. Sell out your event and accelerate online ticket sales with ease.

Planning an event? Create your email campaign right away using Yapsody’s MailChimp integration.

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