Ticketing Features For Event Management In The COVID Era

Ticketing Features For Event Management In The COVID Era

As we enter the second half of 2020, event regulations and gatherings seem to have caught on along with the phase-wise re-opening. Needless to say, many event organizers and venue owners are enhancing their event logistics for their upcoming live events in the “New Normal”. Chances are, you too are looking for a cost-effective yet robust set of event ticketing features to get back into the game.

Here Are Our Event Ticketing Features For Event Management In The COVID Era

1. Reserved Seating

Considering social distancing rules with mandatory masks becoming the norm in the upcoming months, organizing a reserved seating event where your attendees can choose their seats makes a lot of sense. Create seating maps with seating arrangements that adhere to 6 feet of distancing and your event is good to go.

By understanding the event industry needs, we have taken a step ahead and come up with a feature of Social Distancing Holds. It allows Yapsody users to sell a seat and automatically hold nearby seats around it so that your guests can comfortably follow protocols. 

To bring this into effect, enable social distancing holds for reserved seating sections from the holds tab of each performance. These event seats held for social distancing will be held under the code “SD” in holds.

Social Distancing Holds Colour

2. Fees Customization

Enable the ‘Pass On’ fees feature to add the ticketing fee to your attendee’s ticket cost. We understand it has been a dry run for many event organizers which is why this feature will help stabilize your cash flow on the road to recovery.

3. Invite Only Access Codes

An invite-only event will be in demand for the upcoming months where exclusivity runs high. With our Access Codes feature, sell event tickets only to those who have received your invite or access code through our event ticketing system.

4. Questionnaires & Surveys 

Willing to go the extra mile and accommodate your event attendee’s wishlist? Make full use of our Survey feature to create logic-based questionnaires to gardener the best insights that can be leveraged at your next event. Positive and negative feedback from your new and existing event attendees will enhance your event planning habits. Learn more How Attendee Feedback Can Accelerate Your Event Planning.

5. Discount Options

Event attendees are definitely looking forward to attending live concerts and shows, but need an attractive price point. Using different types of discounts, you can boost your ticket sales in a short amount of time.

6. Mailchimp Integration

Tell your loyal fans and audience that you’re back! Announce it all over your social media but make sure you drop them a personal message through our Mailchimp integration. An email with all the necessary information such as ticket prices, locations, and safety rules is crucial for all your upcoming events.

Don’t forget to check out these 5 Must-Send Emails Before Your Event Happens.

7. Accept Donations

Times are tough which is why your community might come together for a charity event to help those in need. Accept donations easily with our Accept Donation feature available on the Online Ticket Store and Virtual Box Office. The best part is, there are “no Yapsody fees” on Donations. All the proceeds are directly transferred to your account and will not be charged for in your monthly invoice.

We’re sure these features will elevate all your upcoming event creation and ticketing needs. Don’t forget to explore all our 30+ Premium Features that might be well suited for your venue or event type.

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