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Pre-Event Engagement Strategies For Event Planners

Pre-Event Engagement Strategies For Event Planners

Pre-event engagement is an underrated yet crucial element in the arsenal of successful event planners. Event engagement and networking do not begin on the event day itself. It starts from the moment your event attendee comes in contact with your brand, online or offline. As they say, first impressions can leave lasting impressions.

To impress them and to get them hyped about your event, you need to work around certain engagement touchpoints which we’ve listed below.

Here Are Our Pre-Event Engagement Strategies For Event Planners:

1. Pursue Blogging Actively

Your event content is the centerpiece of your pre-event engagement strategy. And when we talk about content, blogs are the most-preferred format for getting the word out quickly in an engaging yet cost-effective manner.

When it specifically comes to pre-event blogging – talk about the nature of your event, the event agenda, what the audience can expect, event catering, artist lineups, or the facilities they will get. Throw in a few newsworthy happenings relevant to your event, event hosts, and previous interviews with performers to make your blog series worth a read.

If you’re not quite the wordsmith or caught up in planning back-to-back events, make sure to glance through these 5 Ideas For Creating Effective Event Blogs. Contact us to collaborate with us as part of our co-branded guest posting catalog or to have your tailor-made blog published for you with the help of our editorial experts. 

2. Optimize Your Website & Social

While blogging sure works as a precursor to getting the word, don’t forget to optimize your website and social media to reflect your upcoming event. This could be in the form of a pop-up or a themed home page design that arouses interest in your visitors.

The same motto applies to your social media where you’d want to run an event-themed campaign to ensure uniformity in your pre-event communication.

3. Shoot-out Early Bird Invites

A quick and easy way to rack up your engagement and build event momentum is by sending out your early bird invites through emails. Target your oldest batch of event attendees, brand advocates, vendors, and influencers that will help spread the word about your event in their circles.

Bookmark these 5 Must-Send Emails to your Event Attendees that will boost your pre-event engagement through the roof.

4. Leverage Surveys & Feedback

As an event planner, you’re always alert in gauging what your attendees want. You may not always meet their demands but improving your event offerings through their feedback makes them engage directly with your event planning process.

Involving your event attendees in your pre-event planning phase automatically makes them feel a part of your team and that’s just good news for your engagement levels. 

Pro-Tip: Using our Surveys & Questionnaires feature, you can create the perfect engagement cycles for your pre-event and post-event phases.

5. Create Pre-Event Twitter Polls

When it comes to the social media aspect of pre-event engagement, Twitter polls are a hit for announcing your events, product launches, live acts, conferences, and so on. It compliments your survey strategy through social media and helps you fine-tune your event agenda.

Prepare polls such as: 

  • Which event venue would you prefer? (Give options you’re willing to consider)
  • Which event safety protocols do you expect at the venue?
  • Which surprise live-act are you expecting to see?

Pro-Tip: Make sure to time your Twitter polls with a holiday season or topical hashtags to get more relevant traffic to your event. The key is to time your actions right and up goes your engagement levels. 

6. Draft Effective Press Releases

If blogging is your informal content format, press releases add a formal attire to your pre-event marketing. Press releases are never an event planner’s enjoyable activity, but, nonetheless, it does help get the word out about your event through media outlets and PR agencies.

Make sure your pre-event press release addresses the 5 W’s – What, Where, When, Who, and Why. Creating An Effective Press Release will help you help your pre-event audience engagement on a global scale and will add legitimacy to your brand value.

7. Conduct A Short Webinar

If your event is more formal in nature like a conference, you can start engaging with a teaser-like webinar of what they can expect from your event day. Webinars are a great way to amplify your visual content marketing and have total control over the storyboard and flow of the session.

You should also Utilize YouTube Web-Series for Event Marketing by creating co-branded video teasers with your event affiliates such as venue owners, sponsors, keynote speakers, logistics partners, event ticketing partners, and so on.

8. Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a bit of a boring spot for event planners to garner pre-event engagement but it’s a platform to be leveraged as well if you’re looking to attract the likes of keynote speakers, sponsors, and subject matter experts.

Although Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube should be your primary channels for gathering event buzz, you can try the InMail premium feature to reach out to selected people.

9. Pre-Event Giveaways & Prep Bags

Hosting a food fest or maybe a soul-stirring pub crawl? Make sure you up the ante with beer mugs or a spice box as part of your pre-event engagement. Anything related to your event that creates an instant recall is something that you should aim for. Satisfaction and brand loyalty are guaranteed for such giveaway campaigns! 

10. Go All Out With Your Event Hashtag

To kick your pre-event engagement into the next gear, start putting out your event campaign with a hashtag that would stick in the minds of your attendees and would buzz on social media for weeks to come.

Using Hashtags amplifies your:

  • Branding & Event Discoverability
  • Community Engagement
  • Topical Engagement

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