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Planning For The New Normal: Choosing Between Indoor & Outdoor Venues

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One of the biggest questions for event presenters in the hospitality and live entertainment industry remains to be answered as we edge closer to the “New Normal”. With regulations being eased off gradually, event organizers have started feeling optimistic about organizing shows and live events in the upcoming months. However, the planning and strategy involved to organize an event in the current scenario rotates around a big question – WHICH VENUE DO I OPT FOR? 

Having conducted a survey to gauge live concert attendee preferences in the USA, here’s some data that’ll help you choose whether you should opt for an Indoor or Outdoor venue. 

1. Indoor Venues

Considering the critical situation that we’re in, it would seem that about 66% of live concert attendees would not prefer it whereas the rest 33% would be likely to attend an indoor event. 

Apart from that, 48% of attendees also made it clear that they would only attend an indoor event if mandatory face mask + 6 feet distancing was strictly followed. Whereas 38% were happy with just a mandatory facemask rule at the venue. For those presenters who are looking to start small in their indoor venues, this is a great opportunity to up your regulations and get going.

2. Outdoor Venues 

Outdoor events were always the choice favorites among event attendees with or without the COVID pandemic coming into effect. However, now more than ever approximately half of U.S. respondents are likely to attend live concerts outdoors. The likelihood of attending concerts seems higher among regular concert-goers when compared to those who attend 2 or fewer events in a year.

Apart from that, 57% of attendees made it clear that they would only attend an outdoor event if mandatory face mask + 6 feet distancing was strictly followed. Whereas 48% were happy with just a mandatory facemask rule. This is a good sign for event presenters and venue owners to take this data into consideration while planning their outdoor events. 

We understand how event presenters around the world are rightfully skeptical about springing back into action. With businesses coming to halt in the past few months, one might feel doubtful about breaking into their investments for an upcoming event. However, based on our survey conducted for the US, a good percentage of event attendees are looking forward to your events.

To take the load off your back, we’re extending our COVID Recovery Offer to every entity out there needing help with their cash flow at the moment. Our goal is to jump-start the event community back on its feet, collectively.

Whether you opt for an indoor venue or an outdoor event venue, make sure you’re following the required seating safety protocols. Creating safe event seating for your socially distanced events by creating the optimum event seating plan is now possible to match your attendee’s expectations. 

Maximize your outdoor or indoor venue safety by creating a socially distanced seating plan with our Inventory Management feature so that your event attendees can truly enjoy your event without worrying about their safety. 

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