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Planning A Successful & Safe Conference During COVID

Planning A Successful & Safe Conference During COVID

With the onset of COVID-19, businesses suffered a slump and so did many networking gatherings that were on the cards for 2020. However, with the gradual reopening of businesses and events, conferences and networking opportunities have sprung up rapidly.

Keeping that good news in mind, event organizers have started planning for safe conferences with safety and social distancing protocols in place. Are you looking for some inspiration and ideas to plan a successful conference?

Here’s How To Plan For A Safe & Successful Conference

1. Limit Your Guest List

It’s confirmed – outdoor venues and events are on the rise owing to the fact that they’re safer with more room to spread out. That’s true for normal events or gatherings where you’re expecting a good amount of people. 

However, for a conference, you can limit your guest list only to a selected few industry professionals. Creating a Socially Distanced Event Seating Layout will help you limit your conference guest list to the desired minimum due to our Social Distancing Holds feature.

Read more about Our Social Distancing Feature for Event Safety.

2. Create An Invite Only Conference 

A conference in the old normal would’ve been a crowded affair no doubt, but in the new normal, that has changed. Since you’re limiting your event guest list to the bare minimum, you can spend more on the premium aspect of making it an invite-only event. Fewer people indoors makes it easier to follow social distancing rules with ease. 

Focusing on a niche will help you choose your target audience and pave the way for a streamlined event management process. Once you have audience segmentation, it’s time to start creating your Invite Only events and selectively apply custom codes to specific ticket types, general admission sections, or specific seats for your event.

3. Don’t Limit Livestream Access 

Leverage your limited guest listed event to build up the buzz and then sell out your event as a streamable conference. Across all industries, professionals are looking for diverse insights and niche data-driven keynotes that will get help them through this phase. By giving out live stream access, you’ll be able to boost your event revenue without risking the safety of the conference attendees. 

Here Are 5 Types of Virtual Events You Can Try if you’re planning to widen your event management genre.

4. Position Your Sanitization Kiosks

Apart from using multiple entries and exit points, don’t forget to have your sanitization desks or kiosks positioned appropriately throughout the venue. Don’t let safety go for a toss when you’re charging a premium price for conferences. Here’s our 10-Point COVID Event Planning Checklist that will keep those event day jitters at bay

5. Disinfect Conference Venues Regularly

Make sure you have a disinfection crew on standby that sanitizes the venue during breaks or overnight with the appropriate measures. Limit the number of conference-goers who occupy the restrooms at any given point of time. The restrooms and lounge areas also need strict upkeep regularly. 

Apart from regular sanitization and safety nets, read more on What Your Attendees Expect from Your Venue.

6. Advertise Your Sanitization Protocols  

With online engagement going through the roof during the pandemic, it’s important to convey your event regulations and mandates to the general public that will arouse a sense of safety and willingness to attend your conferences. Learn more about improving your brand presence through event marketing tactics

We hope our 6 point plan helps your conference planning and leads to a successful gathering of professionals and live streamers alike. For more guides and tips on navigating the new normal, check out our COVID-19 Resources For Event Presenters.

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