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Planning A Spooktacular Halloween Event

Planning A Spooktacular Halloween Event In 2020

As if 2020 couldn’t get any scarier, Halloween will be soon upon us. Wondering whether COVID-19 will mean No Trick Or Treating on Halloween

Regulations have eased off around the world which means that planning a spooktacular Halloween event is very much possible without missing out on safety and sanitization protocols in place. Our event ticketing pricing will help you save up on ticketing fees if you’re thinking about saving money before organizing an event. Now that we’ve made things a bit easier for you, here are a few elements to consider while planning your Halloween party

1. Mask On

Who would’ve thought that wearing a mask would be a mandate and event-related accessory? This is the perfect opportunity for all your night owls and eerie cosplayers to put their best foot forward mask on for your upcoming Halloween events.

2. Pick A Theme & Venue 

Thinking of witches and wizards or perhaps Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory? The ideas are limitless and could be molded to suit your budget and age group. Since we’re still following certain social distancing rules, learn more about Choosing Between An Indoor & Outdoor Event.

There won’t be any close encounters or brushing shoulders with your nemesis, we’re hoping. Here’s what event attendees from the USA have to say when it comes to attending indoor or outdoor events with certain safety precautions in place.

3. Send Out A Spooktacular Event Invite 

Amp up the eerie and scary factor by sending out an event invite through our email marketing integration that will intrigue your audience to come through for your event. Between now and October 31st gives you a good amount of time to build up the event buzz.

4. Customize Your Halloween Ticket

Our event ticketing system lets you customize event tickets with your choice of branding and illustrations. Go full regalia with every element of your Halloween event details and tickets and let the magic spillover on your social media.

5. Create An Exclusive Event 

If you’re organizing an extraordinarily spooky yet exclusive event, we suggest you use our Invite-Only access codes feature that will leave out the freeloaders from invading your special occasion. Fewer people add to the overall vibe of Halloween and spookiness. Choose from not-so-spooky Halloween ideas or perhaps budget-friendly themes that are easy on your pocket as well.

We hope you’re able to plan and host the perfect Halloween party well before time and give your event attendees a night they’d find it hard to forget. Sign up now and make your ticketing experience a thrilling one. 

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