Planning A Safe New Year’s Event

Planning A Safe New Year’s Event

Planning a New Year’s event shouldn’t mean breaking a sweat to achieve the safety standards of the New Normal. It only means that they are to be celebrated in an alternative manner with additional scrutiny given to venue and attendee safety. Now, when it comes to New Years’s Eve parties, we daresay that a majority of your audiences are waiting to bid the hectic year a hearty goodbye. 

Everyone is looking forward to this year is the end of this year which has been taxing on everyone’s mind. Make it a symbolic yet safe event of bidding this year goodbye.

As an event presenter or a venue owner, you’d want to organize a special one for the last event of the year without breaking social distancing norms. This is why we’re here with our social distancing checklist for a smooth New Year’s event.

1. Don’t Overshoot Your Budget

We get it, you want to end the year on a high note, just make sure you don’t end up splurging more than you can recover. However, knowing the uncertainty that comes with organizing events, you can utilize our low platform pricing and pass-on fees to make the most out of your event ticketing budget and revenue. 

We never want you to feel held back when you can very well go the extra mile by signing up with Yapsody.

2. Be Venue Wise

Unsure about choosing the appropriate event venue? Here are 6 Types Of Live Events That Are Social Distancing Friendly. Apart from knowing events that are safe to be organized you also need to match the venue design with your audience density, especially when it comes to dealing with New Year’s overcrowding. The audience preferences are pretty clear as a majority of them are preferring mandatory face masks with 6 feet distancing.

Make sure that your logistics team designs event spaces to reduce crowded spaces and create enough space to move around with dedicated sanitization portals.

3. Your Catering Style Will Set You Apart

It’s that one element that works as a social glue and can truly set your New Year party apart. Now, with the pandemic how does one go about handing event catering that complies with the highest standards of safety?

Stick to a specific type of catering staff depending on whether you’re going for a buffet, sit-down dinner, or cocktail party. Overcrowding at your events is a strict no-no hence you need to figure out a distinct dining style that is conducive to social distancing. Learn more through these 5 Event Catering Tips to Consider While Social Distancing.

4. Monitor Contact Sensitive Spaces

Increase your frequency of personal hygiene and effective hand-washing among staff and attendees. Make sure to have necessary signage inside and outside your venue such as parking spots, smoking zones, washrooms, eating zones, and so on.

This could be via social media, staff awareness, and communicating this message to attendees before or on arrival. Having a clear escalation plan for dealing with such situations needs to be laid out well in advance. Learn more about Event Safety Regulations Expected By Attendees.

5. Plan a Virtual New Year’s Event 

Don’t wish to spend a lot of time and energy on organizing food, venues, and safety protocols? Take the New Year Spirit to their homes. According to our Global and Country-specific survey, many are looking forward to partaking in the Holiday season festivities from the comfort of their homes. All you need to do is create a web event on Yapsody and you’re good to go. 

We hope our little checklist helps drive off those uncertainties and helps you plan a memorable goodbye to this year. To sum it up, remember to examine your budget first, keep track of the latest news, monitor event requirements with venue density, and have a clear plan of action.

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