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Planning A Pandemic-Proof Halloween Weekender

Planning A Pandemic-Proof Halloween Weekender

Based on our Yapstudy insights and Global Hospitality Survey conducted a few weeks prior to the holiday season, event attendees are reluctant to innovative forms of outdoor entertainment that follow mandatory safety regulations. 

So, will those Halloween spirits scurry out for your event on 31st October? It remains tricky, but as an event organizer or event manager, you can bring the frights and delights without violating social distancing norms. Our COVID Recovery Offer will help you save up on event ticketing fees if you’re thinking about organizing a Halloween event. 

Now that we’ve made things a bit easier for you, here are the touchpoints to consider while planning a pandemic-proof Halloween weekender. 

1. Choose Your Venue With Care

It is highly advisable to choose an outdoor venue for Halloween as it will allow plenty of room to move about. According to our US Audience Behavior Survey, people are most likely to attend outdoor events with mandatory masks and social distancing rules. It seems that Halloween is going to be all about “looks that can kill”.

You could also up the exclusivity factor by setting up an invite-only event that liberates your attendees from bracing an overcrowded Halloween. 

2. Go Virtual 

Our platform has been designed to accommodate a high volume of online and offline events. You can easily plan for a virtual event with all the necessary elements of spook while getting all your audiences together for a live session. Scary movie screenings will never go out of fashion, we daresay!

Learn more about Changing Your Upcoming Event to an Online Event

3. Choose Your Theme Well

Avoid themes of viruses or illnesses that may not be well received at this point in time. Don’t make light of the current situation and choose from not-so-spooky Halloween ideas or perhaps budget-friendly themes that are easy on your pocket as well. 

4. Make It A Family Package

Times are tough and event attendees are less likely to attend your Halloween party if you’re charging them a bomb. Kids are probably not going to be left alone and are most likely to be supervised by their parents.

This is why you need to create a family package deal such as 2 parents + 1 child or 2 children + 1 adult supervisor that makes it convenient and budget-friendly for your audience. You can easily sell out more tickets by creating discounts

We hope this helps you plan for your Halloween weekend. Rest assured that COVID-19 doesn’t mean the end of Trick Or Treating on Halloween. It only means that they are to be celebrated in an alternative manner with additional scrutiny given to venue and attendee safety.

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