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Planning A Holiday Event In 2020

Planning A Holiday Event In 2020

According to our global hospitality survey conducted by us last month, a wide demographic is interested in heading out to their favorite hospitality and entertainment venues during the holiday season. Having adapted to the new normal of social distancing-friendly events, many of our global respondents also showed much inclination towards attending holiday events. 

Safety and sanitation being the topmost priority amongst audiences, it’s entirely upon you as an event presenter or a venue owner to live up to their expectations and attract the most number of event attendees.

Here Are The Holiday Events That You Can Plan Before 2020 Ends

1. Halloween Weekender

Whether or not you’ve decided on hosting a weekender Halloween event, there are few key steps to take note of – such as your logistics and marketing strategy that will help you stand out. Choosing an outdoor venue with spaced out seating or standing sections, discounts & family packages, and virtual events are a few strategic standpoints one needs to consider before having a spooky Halloween weekender. Get the strategic insights on selling out our Halloween event

2. Thanksgiving and Black Friday 

There might be a lot that’s still up in the air. Whether or not during Black Friday retailers commences their highly anticipated sale this year, as an event organizer you can very well leverage the holiday sentiment that audiences hold for this very event. Thanksgiving is something that you can plan upon as they coincide every year. Learn to make the most of our Premium Event Ticketing this Thanksgiving.

3. Christmas

Christmas is the wonderful time that everyone looks forward to and gets in the celebrations with their loved ones. While the yearly tradition is something we whole-heartedly look forward to, decorating the Christmas tree, caroling, and Secret Santa’s may not seem to be as thrilling in 2020. 

Since event organizers are in a bit of a spot figuring out the plan of action for the second half of 2020 and the Holiday season at large, here are few COVID-friendly Christmas ideas that you can try out

4. New Year’s Eve 

Probably one thing which everyone is looking forward to this year is the end of this year which has been taxing on everyone’s mind. Make it a symbolic yet safe event of bidding this year goodbye once and for all. 

Don’t forget to avail of a FLAT 40% off on your ticketing fees through our New Year Flash Sale.

We want to steer your event strategy, marketing, logistics, operations, and ticketing in the right direction through useful resources. For those figuring out their next course of action, we’ve compiled COVID related resources that will drive informed decision making.

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