Management Tips To Get Your Event Budget Planning Right

Management Tips To Get Your Event Budget Planning Right

The most stressing part of an event planning is to fix a budget for the event. Event budgets are said to keep planner’s awake at night. Event registrations are unpredictable, so a planner always tries to reduce costs. But these can lead to your event being a complete failure. The budget determines everything about the event, the venue, the kind of catering you will hire, the type of arrangements you will make, event ticket price, etc. Your client will obviously ask you to cheap out, but you must stick to a substantial budget. Here are a few ways you can plan a good event that doesn’t look stingy, as well as saves some bucks.

Venue and decorations:

Booking a place and decorating it costs a lot. But that doesn’t mean you will book a shady place. You must try to keep a minimum décor, and highlight the natural ambience of your venue. For this venue selection is important. If you choose a slightly higher priced venue, you can save a lot on decoration, which costs a lot. But if you get a decorator for cheap, then go for a venue that’s not all that costly.


Many events provide their delegates with some extras, like a tour of the city, a day at some fancy restaurant or a trip to the market, etc. Such things cost. Many agencies offer cheap tour services for a large group, so you can send your delegates with them. You can also arrange to take your delegates for a public event that is free of cost.

Food and drinks:

Food and drinks are essential part of an event or concert. Everyone looks up to these in an event. So if you are skimpy about the quality of food and drinks you are providing you are dissatisfying many people. A little skillful planning can help you save here. Many venues provide food when you book them, for a subsidized price. Hire a caterer who can design a cheaper menu. You can keep one complimentary beverage and make delegates pay for extras. That keeps the budget in check.

One must also keep in mind that extra costs might crop up last minute. As a planner you must make accommodations for them in your budget. Remember if the overall quality of your event is good, people will want to come again. Plan wisely.

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