Overcoming The Fear Of Attending Live Events

Overcoming The Fear Of Attending Live Events

With the long wait comes a breath of fresh hope with news of successful vaccine trials. Returning back to the world of live events safely is on everyone’s mind and rightly so. Having been stuck inside the house during lockdowns, event attendees have surely have missed experiencing the atmosphere of live events and gatherings. However, there might still be a lingering effect of fear amongst a few while returning back to the world of live events. 

Here’s How You Can Overcome Your Fear of Attending Live Events

1. Be Venue Wise 

Based on our Global Hospitality and Audience Preferences Survey, cleanliness and sanitization of a venue ranked the highest and an outdoor setting was a must amongst the majority of participants. Needless to say, choosing a good venue will help you wipe out that fear for the most part. An outdoor venue with socially distanced protocols and logistics will be the norm for next year as an event attendee you can rest easy while still enjoying a live event. 

2. Be Safe, Not Sorry 

With successful vaccine trials from multiple companies, the way ahead looks positive for many hospitality and entertainment venues. However, a lot of it depends on event attendees as well to follow standard protocols in curbing the spread. Before getting that shot, you can keep your fears or paranoia at bay by adhering to government-approved regulations.

3. Pre-Select Your Meals 

Meals that will then be plated or packed in advance will surely help you cut down any preconceived notions of curtailing on your outdoor food intake. Our 5 point Event Catering Tips strongly recommend event organizers to stick with a distinct style of serving food to avoid overcrowding. Rest assured, pre-selecting your packaged meals is good to go for any event. 

4. Go Over Social Media Reviews

Many audiences do this out of habit. However, events in the past used to function on word of mouth where your friends and family would recommend a place and you’d casually go check it out. In the new normal of things, be a responsible event attendee and do your research on the venue that you’re choosing. 

Are they taking the necessary protocols that make you feel comfortable to attend an event?  If not, make a request to make the use of face masks or appropriate face coverings for both the staff and attendees. 

5. Ensure Onsite Testing

Need another layer of assurance before you put on your dancing shoes? Before attending events or visiting venues, ensure they’re doing onsite testing. A responsible venue owner would be providing hand-washing and strategically placed hand-sanitizing stations as well during this time. With such safety measures in place, we’ve been witnessing many socially distanced events that have given a much-needed ray of hope for the future. 

6. Choose Limited Capacity Events

We’re noticing a comeback for many events that allow only a limited number of attendees. With invite-only passcodes, event presenters are going for that exclusivity and privacy that also makes an event safe by default. With a private event, all your fears can be put to rest knowing well that overcrowding is a non-issue and only the experience is what matters. 

Disclaimer – Follow your government or state-approved laws and regulations during this time. This blog piece is a result of data and sentiments we’ve gathered from event presenters and audiences all over the world during 2020.

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