Our Most Preferred Event Ticketing Features For The Concert Industry

Our Most Preferred Event Ticketing Features For The Concert Industry

Being in the concert industry for decades, we are honored to be the most preferred event ticketing platform. With an extensive list of Yapsody features, concert managers all over the world are able to create sensational concerts and live music experiences. Music knows no language and our multi-language, multi-currency system stands witness to it. Here are our event ticketing features that are most preferred in the concert industry.

1. General Admission 

Live entertainment events and concerts are time-conscious in nature and need to be handled on a first come first serve basis. Concert managers use our General Admission feature to create events with the ultimate flexibility in letting their attendees move about wherever they like. The best seats and sections in sell out on a first come first serve basis depending on the artist’s popularity and overall buzz.

2. Multiple Performance Creation

Many live music events take shape through multiple events or performances in the same city or state. With this feature, concert managers are seamlessly creating multiple performances for a single event with different time slots and dates. 

3. Discount Options 

With our multipurpose discount options, concert managers create variable ticket pricing. Not only do they accelerate their concert ticket sales with early bird and group discounts they’re also creating a sense of urgency. Learn more about our 5 Types of Discount Options To Boost Event Attendance.  

4. Surcharge Options

Our concert managers are an experienced lot and surely know how to play with the concept of supply and demand. With our surcharge options, they increase their concert revenue during high ticket sale phases by adding extra charges on a per-ticket basis or on a performance basis. Creating a sense of urgency with he t“Last 50 tickets on Sale” hook surely works in the concert industry. 

5. Multiple Payment Collection Options 

After all that planning and organizing, it’d be a shame to see attendees walk away from your venue just because you didn’t accept cash for selling concert tickets. This has never been an issue with our concert managers as they use multiple online and offline payment options that can be integrated for ease for ticket selling and revenue collection. 

6. Event Marketing Services 

All that planning makes no sense if your upcoming event is not reaching the right genre of audience. If you’re a concert manager, you know how short of time it can get to execute an event. Event marketing not being a small-time activity, they’ve been spreading the word with our in-house marketing specialists. With our event marketing services like Premium Event listing, they’ve boosted their event visibility substantially.  

Premium Event Listing

Screenshot – Premium Event Listing

Their events posted on our Facebook page have generated some of the best engagement rates.

Not to forget Instagram which is the hottest platform to market their event. For those who already had event marketers onboard, integrated our powerful Event Marketing Tools to boost their concert business.

7. Mobile Apps 

Concerts and overcrowded queues go hand in hand. Battling event day jitters as it is, it’s a real task to streamline the ticket scanning and validation process. An over-excited audience waiting to enter your venue is not be tested. With our mobile apps – YapScan & YapStats concert managers have been streamlining ticket selling, scanning, and data reporting on their mobile devices. Hence cutting down on long queues. 

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