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Organizing Haunted Drive-Thrus For Halloween

Organizing Haunted Drive-Thrus For Halloween

With the pandemic on everyone’s mind at the moment, it seems that organizing any sort of public gathering or live event seems too far off on the horizon. However, based on our Yapstudy insights and US Concert Survey Data conducted a few months prior to the second half of 2020, event attendees are quite reluctant to innovative forms of outdoor entertainment that follow mandatory safety regulations. 

Touted to be one of the safest forms of live event settings at the moment, drive-ins or drive-thrus will lead the way when it comes to planning Halloween parties. So, will those Halloween spirits out on 31st October drive off the virus? Maybe not, but you can certainly bring the frights and delights without violating social distancing norms.

Here Are Different Types Of Haunted Drive-Thrus You Can Organize For Halloween:

1. Carwash Turned Haunted Warehouse

One of the most heavily sanitized and clean spots to organize your haunted Halloween drive-thrus, you can tie up with your local car wash and organize a haunted warehouse experience for your attendees. A general admission style of entry would be considered fair enough for a 20-min experience of frights and delights. Don’t forget that you’re making the most of this event with our Halloween offer as well. 

2. Highway To Hell? 

Know of a haunted little road where you can give your Halloween attendees a storytelling experience as they drive safely along a road? Think of it as a theatrical performance of sorts where a live performance takes place on a not-so-frequented road. 

One might wonder if COVID-19 will mean no trick or treating on Halloween but with the right set of event logistics in place, it’s no longer a scary thought that should haunt event organizers on the road to recovery. 

3. Haunted Drive-Through Restaurant

According to the renowned chocolate company Hersheys Co., kids and parents will want to celebrate Halloween as it is an outdoor event and involves the tradition of wearing masks.  To add to the flavor of the Halloween tradition, why not tie up with a famous franchise to up the ante this year.

As your patrons arrive to order food or TrickNTreating goodies at the drive-thru, that’s when the horror act begins. As it is, they will be confined to the safety of their car until the act finishes, and their food is finally delivered.

We hope this gives you a headstart and unleashes your inner creativity in planning a safe yet spooktacular Halloween. High event ticketing fees should never give you the chills, that is why our Halloween Offer is now live to take full advantage of.

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