Online Payment Options for Your Events with Yapsody

Online Payment Options for Your Events with Yapsody

We strongly believe that online payment is a crucial touchpoint for event ticketing which can affect ticket sales. As of today, our clients are leading hospitality and entertainment enterprises, based in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and other European countries. Our event ticketing system supports over 150 currencies and is integrated with online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WePay,, Sage, Braintree, and Meritus

Don’t miss out on a single ticket sale even if your event attendee prefers cash over credit. Check out different payment options for your events with Yapsody.

Credit & Debit Card

You can start accepting online payments for selling tickets online through Credit & Debit Card by linking your preferred payment gateway for the Online Ticket Store.

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Paypal (Business or Premier Account)

Our ticketing platform supports Paypal for almost all countries as it is preferred by event attendees globally. One of the best parts about PayPal is that it allows you to accept payment via major credit services like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

You won’t need a merchant account to process credit card payments, all you need is a free PayPal Premier or Business account to accept credit card transactions. Click here to learn more about integrating PayPal with Yapsody.

Cash and Checks

Pretty straightforward process. You can drive your customers to the venue and accept the payment by Cash by enabling it in the Box Office section. Check payments are mostly preferred by the organizations who make a bulk booking on behalf of their employees for a business conference

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Pay Later

You can select the Pay Later option only for the Online store or for both the Online Store as well as at the Box Office. You can even restrict the delivery of tickets of Pay Later transactions to ‘Will Call Method’ by enabling the option “Restrict Delivery to Will Call” and also add any Payment instructions, The payment instructions will be displayed when the ticket buyer selects to purchase tickets via the Pay Later payment method. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Once you receive the funds you can mark the transaction as paid and issue tickets to the event attendee.


Finding a way to make your privileged customers’ day? How about issuing them a Complementary Event ticket? It couldn’t get much better than this, While setting up a complimentary payment option you can create an unlimited category such as VIP, General, or Sponsors as per your preference. 

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Moreover, we won’t bill your account for issuing complimentary tickets, Yes! you read it right, there are no fees for tickets issued by selecting “Complementary” as a payment option.

Now, that you’re aware of our online payment options, sign up with Yapsody to sell your first 50 tickets with NO ticketing fee & collect money directly in your preferred payment gateway account. We also support communities worldwide by offering nonprofit entities a 50% rebate on their event ticketing fees.

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