Offline Marketing Tips For Your Event

Offline Marketing Tips For Your Event

The world (online and offline) is filled with social media marketing tips. Every event website you stumble upon will have 80% (and that’s an understatement) of their blogs dedicated to only online marketing. Of course, we don’t constitute any minority in this case, but we don’t believe offline marketing can’t be just as effective. Facebook and Twitter might give you an audience that’s as big as the global population, but again, you’re just one among the millions of brands they see everyday. On the other hand, strategically carrying out an offline campaign that’ll appeal to your target audience can definitely spread brand awareness.


If you know the groups that belong to your target audience, you might as well figure out their hangouts. For events that are centered around the youth, you could try hanging flyers in cafés, malls, multiplexes, and gyms. Make sure your flyers attract eyeballs and give essential information about your event like the day, date, time, venue, how to register details on how to buy event tickets, and a brief description of what your event is about.


To know what kind of people are likely to attend your event, you’ll have to attend other events yourself. Get yourself passes to the kind of events your potential attendees are likely to attend, and have one-to-one conversations with them. Don’t have a high sales pitch, but while you’re chitchatting, let it subtly slip that you’re going to organize a similar event.


The key to a good event is thorough understanding of your audience. This also includes knowing what they might be interested to read or listen to. Get in touch with writers and shows that broadcast similar content, and request them to put up information about your event, too. Make sure you don’t miss out on the finer wh- details.


Though it seems obvious that your friends and relatives are going to attend your event because, well, it’s YOUR event, it really isn’t. We take this assumption so casually that we even forget to inform them about the event at all. Keep dropping your event’s details in between conversations because it’s the simplest form of mouth-to-mouth marketing, and all the more effective.


True, webinars and chats are doing pretty well, but nothing beats pop-ups. Have a promotional activity that’s engaging and amusing right on the streets where your target folks are most likely to hang out. You can also put up stalls and booths near your event’s venue and give out stickers or t-shirts to tell people about your event. Having it near your event’s venue will directly attract people who stay or work nearby, and are likely to drop by for your event.

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