Nine Important Variables For Planning Fundraising Event

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Nine Important Variables For Planning Fundraising Event
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Whenever people hear the word “business”, they are often struck by the idea of black-n-white dealings & profit-n-loss statements. Basically, every part of business seems to be satisfying an equation. Even the one that’s allegedly a “risk” is actually working on probability equations. Fundraisers, on the other hand, have a softer edge and appear to be the only business arena where equations can’t be trusted. However, we seek to prove otherwise by enlightening you about the NINE IMPORTANT VARIABLES of fundraisers and how to handle them when it comes to event planning.


Decide upon the purpose (or purposes) of the fundraiser – whether it’s only meant to be a charity event to raise money for a community or an NGO, or it is also supposed to raise awareness of any kind, or is simply a way of reaching out to people to make them notice and feel connected to your brand. This helps you get a better perspective of everything that your event should involve.


Get all your committees together to work out the target amount that you look forward to raising at your event so that all your teams will have this amount in mind while carrying out their respective tasks. This will be the net amount you manage to raise, that is, amount raised at the event minus your expenses.


Frame a budget that maps all sorts of expenses that you will be incurring – transportation, catering, security, entertainment, ticketing – to name some. As far as ticketing is concerned, you can always rely on Yapsody to not charge you for non-profit and charitable events, while you invest the same amount on other crucial requirements. You’re welcome.


You should be having a “host committee” comprising of the keynote speakers, wealthy donors, business tycoons, or celebrities, who reach out to the people and make them aware of your event. While they themselves contribute a great deal to your event, they also urge those around them to do the same, hence helping you achieve your targets. For your benefactors, Yapsody lets you have a custom questionnaire to know them better.


List out the kind of people you wish to invite to your event, whether it’s a general event that can be attended by anyone, or whether a certain group of people are supposed to be a part of it.


Next, you decide what kind of set-up you require, that is, the venue, date, time, attendees, theme, food and everything else. You can prepare checklists to make sure you’re meeting all these requirements. You have websites like to give you sample checklists and make things easier for you.


Once you’ve decided upon everything mentioned above, it’s time to ACT. Promote your event across the social media network and make sure your promotions are good enough to catch eyeballs that are too bored of advertisements already. Now that you have people who are interested, you need to have a proper procedure for selling tickets (online, preferably) and accepting donations. Yapsody to your rescue yet again! We let you accept donations of any amount using your Online Ticket Store. Also, you can sell ads to place on your e-tickets to earn that extra amount for your event. And for all the on-site entries, you can sell event tickets using our iPad POS App.


After a great event, you don’t want to leave your benefactors, team members and volunteers sulking because you didn’t convey a simple “thank you” for their work. Make it a point to send all of them a small note of thanks for making your event a success.

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