Event Planning Technologies Must Be Used By Event Organizers

Event Planning Technologies Must Be Used By Event Organizers

A few years back in time, event organizers were usually people who were distinctly spotted in the middle of a mayhem carrying bundles of documents, bills and checklists stuffed hastily in mismatched folders, yelling instructions to their team as their hair shot out of maintenance pretty awkwardly under the band of a lopsided headphone with a mic. Now, however, technology has chilled these species out so much it is difficult to really figure out who is the planner, really! Learn how to squirm your way into this chilled out species by using technology for event planning:


When it comes to the internet, even the sky isn’t a limit. Social media is a superlatively effective and cheap medium for event promotion and marketing. You first need to be well aware of the social media hubs of your target audience. While Facebook is used virtually by everyone, Google+ and Twitter are places you’ll find most professionals. Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are places you should resort to if you wish to create a rather colorful buzz. You don’t have to keep desperately trying to sell your event using social media; you just need to keep them engaged and entertained so that they feel connected to your event and your sales will build up on their own. Yapsody provides you with a social media integration tool so that you can easily broadcast your event over various platforms. Also, don’t forget to have a crisp #hashtag for your event!


Everything that’s online is a buzz, they say. For event organizers who seek to reach out to a large audience, online ticketing is a must. Today, nobody would want to go down physically to vendors or offices to book tickets when you can give them the liberty to buy event tickets while answering the nature’s call (which is a pretty relaxed state to make transactions, by the way). Yapsody is home to a wide range of features that make online ticketing look like a cakewalk to you – the Online Ticket Store, customizable e-tickets, Yapsody mobile and iPad apps only posing as little cherries on the top.


Customers today feel that it’s almost rude to ask for cash when it comes to payment. And that is only fair, considering how easy and secure the other payment methods are. Make sure the transactions related to your events offer payment gateways that are generally preferred by your target audience. Digitized payment methods ensure that even you don’t lose out on records when it comes to ticket sales and other transactions.


This basically involves everything – EVERYTHING – your sales, the requirements of your attendees, channeling your existing data, and everything else that comes to your mind. For your social media management, you can use free tools like Facebook Insights and Google Analytics instead of toggling between your documents. Also, if you’re using Yapsody for your event, we provide you with reports that help you keep track of your statistics, sales, tax reconciliation and so on. As far as channeling your existing data is concerned, we allow you to import your professional mailing list into your MailChimp contact list using our free integration tool.

Technology is only as efficient as the person who’s using it is. Quoting Steve Jobs here, “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”



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