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Navigating The New Normal Of Event Technology In The COVID Era

Navigating The New Normal Of Event Technology In The COVID Era

Remember when making the shift from LIVE events to live streams seemed like a challenge? Well, over the past few months many event organizers have swiftly moved over to virtual events in the wake of the pandemic. However, now that many regulations have been eased off, upcoming live events and shows are back on the cards. Where does that leave out virtual events and live streams which had caught on? Virtual events are here to stay as we navigate the new normal with the help of innovative technologies that will pave the way for the future. 

Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of The Latest Event Technology in The COVID Era:

1. Keep Your Pulse On The Virtual Landscape

Nothing will ever come close to the live event experience.  However, considering the situation the event community is going through, it’s only of paramount importance that event organizers and venues choose the right platform for organizing live streams and performances that audiences can enjoy from their homes. There needs to be a fine balance of virtual and live gatherings when it comes to organizing events in the new normal. Learn how you can Create value Through Your Online Events In The COVID Era. 

2. Drone Coverage At Your Live Events

Not a new event technology to be witnessed at live events especially live concerts and festivals, however, now more than ever, drones are back in demand. As an event organizer, you might be trying to cut down on your expenses and this is one foolproof way of cutting down your costs on hiring a camera crew to document your events. Drones are turning out to be a good investment among many other strategies that help to create safer live events in the new normal. 

3. Integrate Online Payments  

Contactless becoming the buzz word in the past couple of months, this is a must-have at every event that will minimize unnecessary contact at your events. Our online ticketing platform has the option to integrate multiple online payment gateways that are widely accepted in any country. Collecting your ticket revenue becomes easier with contactless online payments.

4. Chatbot Based Help Desks & Kiosks

Fully sanitized and automated customer support kiosks and help desks will be powered by web-based apps and interfaces that will enhance your customer support in a simple, easy to understand manner. Led by design and powered by technology, our experts follow global compliances to create value-adding cross-platform web and apps for your guests and internal teams. 

Looking to take your event planning and venue operation a few notches. Learn more about our technology development services that will help you deliver tailor-made solutions for your audience.

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