6 Strategies to Generate Event Marketing Lead in [current_year]

6 Strategies to Generate Event Marketing Lead in [current_year]

After all the hard work of event promotions and marketing, one vital question pops up – what is the Return on Investment (ROI)? And it’s quite obvious; at the end of the event, everyone wants to know how much is going into the company’s account?

Following are some feasible strategies to sell tickets online and capture sales leads from the event, thus paving way for maximum ROI.

Your target and your budget

Have a sound measure in place so that you don’t waste your budget from the very beginning of your marketing process. Be clear about what you are targeting and what you need to achieve. A clear target with a fixed budget helps you decide how much you can spend per lead.

A reliable technology

Why invest your time and money on surveys that hardly yield any satisfying result? It makes sense to use electronic survey over traditional survey as it provides more accurate information, is cost-effective, flexible, saves time, generates fast and higher response rates, gives real-time data analysis and can be easily uploaded on CRM, and is more target specific.

Effective on-site technology

For successful event marketing of any event like concert event, casino event, fairs and festivals etc., you need technology everywhere – off-site or on-site. Chart out your on-site technology needs, and make sure that your technical support provider delivers exactly what you are looking for. Start by incorporating the basic equipments, and you can also have a backup system for emergency. Install devices that works faster, reliable and that will meet your wide range of business requirements.

Are your staffs well-trained?

Having untrained staff at the event venue can be such a put off. An attendee asks something related to your event and your staff look blank. You don’t want to be in that spot, right? So, before you send off your staffs at the event site, give them proper training. And training shouldn’t be limited to your service or products, but also about the on-site technology. In short, prepare your staff to handle any problem that may come up.

Engaging your attendees

What are you doing to engage attendees? Put in extra effort and look out for ways to procure more information from your event attendees. Arrange some fun activities such as lucky draw, where attendees can win exciting prizes, discounts or free coupons. The desire for winning some amazing gifts will make them share their contact and demographic details. However, do make sure that you follow-up your new lead soon after the event.

Analysing the event

After you are done with the lead capture process, and integrating those new data into the CRM, get on to analyse how your event went. Event Analysis is a key component for your future event branding. Figure out what went right or wrong, areas where you need to invest more, and explore new and better tactics for your next event.

So, why not use these simple ways and generate more leads to drive your sales?

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