How Event Management Apps Can Improve Attendee Experience

How Event Management Apps Can Improve Attendee Experience

For every presenter, getting a positive feedback from his attendees is what drives him, what keeps him motivated to go ahead and put in all he’s got to make this event happen. But, no matter how cool your event is, you’ll find it impossible to leave each one of your attendees with a sense of satisfaction. Be it a movie, or an event, one can never get a 5-star rating from every person who’s attended the show. So, is there no possible way to hack this problem? There is, and it goes by the name Mobile Apps for Events. And this is how you can make use of these mobile apps for events and conferences to ensure a 100% positive feedback from ALL your attendees:

  1. Networking

No matter what one looks to gain from an event, interacting with other attendees, getting in touch with the ones who are known and getting to know the ones who are strangers are activities that every attendee looks forward to when he attends an event. Mobile apps for events let people connect via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ so that they can find out people who belong to their circles and are attending the same event.

  1. Their Choice

The primary reason why all your attendees may not enjoy your event equally is because they might have to sit for all presentations and seminars even if they aren’t interested in all of them. Using mobile apps for event management, let your attendees themselves choose the sessions they are interested in so that they get all they want from your event and there’s no chance of them missing out on a lecture or presentation they were interested in.

  1. Keep Them Informed

Most of your attendees are going to rely on online ticketing system or your website to know the day, date, time, venue, and schedule of your event. But, conveying last minute changes to them while they’re probably already on their way to the event can get difficult, and this might lead to miscommunications and eventually, attendee dissatisfaction. Using the best mobile apps for event management to communicate all the details and last minute changes to your attendees through push notifications, and ensuring that they enjoy the event without a hassle.

Maybe their event preferences differ, but one fact remains common to all your attendees – their heavy reliance on their smartphones. Having one event management app can help you give your attendees a personalized event experience, and there is no way that you won’t get a positive feedback from each one of them after that.

Also, if you’re increasing the usage of smartphones for your attendees, giving away a Portable Charger as a free gift with your company name on it will be extremely smart, even with a branding perspective. Looking for the best mobile apps for event planners? Make sure to try Yapsody’s free mobile apps for events – YapStats and YapScan, to take your event experience to the next level. Want to explore other swag ideas apart from using an event management app for your event? Go check out and try these amazing swag ideas along with the best mobile apps for events to make your attendees happier!

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