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How to Measure the Success of Your Event Promotion in Social Media

How to Measure the Success of Your Event Promotion in Social Media - Yapsody

How to Measure the Success of Your Event Promotion in Social Media

You have left no stones unturned in social media marketing your event. Yet, what is the guarantee that people have seen it? All these promotions are going to amount to nothing if people don’t see your promotion. There is no way you can be sure of getting consumers if you aren’t sure of the success of your event marketing on social media.

What you need is some organized way of measuring how effective your event marketing on social media has been. There are tools for calculating the impact of your social media stint. Use social media tools

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have their own set of analytics that you can avail if you are promoting a casino event, concert event, theater event etc. by paying the company. Other users are not aware of these, but you can make use of these in built analytics to determine the reach and response of your social media promotion. Some of them are as follows:

Twitter Analytics

This tool of Twitter allows users to estimate the engagement their post has had with the other users of Twitter. All the data are provided to the user in a demographic format. Users can check the graphs of followers’ interests their location and other information. You can also see the number of views, shares and retweets that your post has invited.

Facebook Page Insight

If you have created a page for your event on Facebook, tracking its organic reach and engagement among users is not difficult at all. Through Facebook page insight one can get all demographic data like

  1. Organic reach: views from non followers.
  2. Viral views: views from people who were directed to the post by friends.
  3. Engagement: the number of likes, shares, comments, mentions, etc.

LinkedIn Company Analytics

With this neat tool you can monitor your followers and other competing events. Here too you can avail specific demographic data regarding your followers and their activities. LinkedIn has some paid tools like:

  1. Mention: track responses to your posts.
  2. Brandwatch: advanced tracking of followers, their location can be obtained through this.
  3. Trackur: gives you data about how active people are on your page.

Key Performance Indicators

You must also promote on Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr to make the event survey easier. Once that is done, check your events KPIs. Through this you can measure how successful the promotion has been. This is through measuring of the number of people who called up, made enquiries through mail and track actual event ticket selling occurred. Social media tools like Hashtracking calculates the number of times your hashtag has been used.



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