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Marketing Tips to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Marketing Tips To Boost Ticket Sales

It’s common knowledge that no matter what business you belong to, social media marketing is responsible for all your conversions. But, if you’re an active event presenter, I’m sure this isn’t the first blog you’ve landed on to seek advice on. So, what makes this post different? [bctt tweet=”By replacing ‘marketing’ with ‘efficacious marketing’. You can go crazy with your promotional activities,” username=”Yapsody”] but if you’re not doing it right, you might as well not do it at all. Here are 7 types of event marketing to ‘do it right’:

#1 A Pint With Old Friends 

A golden rule of event management is the 80/20 rule, which establishes that 80% of your business will come from 20% of the past attendees. Of course, it is important to reel in new attendees, but your old and faithful attendees deserve special treatment for two major reasons – one, because they are already aware of your brand and have shared an experience with you, it is a lot easier to get them to buy the tickets and two, because rewarding them and giving them incentives will mean that they’ll get the word out in their circles along with a positive feedback about your previous event, directly bringing in more audience. These free incentives could range from special discounts on event tickets to little gift hampers.

#2 Mentors Give You Perspective, Sponsors Give You Opportunities

Event marketing services come in forms other than financial support. It is perfectly alright to feel awkward while approaching your sponsors for promotions when they’re already paying you. Overcome this block that makes you think “sponsorship equals charity”. Remember, sponsors are paying you because you’re endorsing them, so it makes sense if you approach them as a part of your marketing strategy. Also, your sponsors will usually be big companies, so these event marketing strategies will expose you to a whole new audience.

#3 Invitees Become Investors

Now that you’ve gotten over that mind block with your sponsors, it shouldn’t be difficult to broadcast a similar message to your attendees. A lot of event presenters have been trying “referral schemes” to increase event ticket sales because $29 for 2 always sounds better than $15 for 1. Your referral scheme can be something really unique to your brand, and it could have a two-way advantage for you – by increasing online ticket selling of events and promotion of your brand. For example, with every referral, you could give away free products of your company.

#4 Because No Feeling Is Better Than Feeling Special

Sometimes uniformity doesn’t work out, and the event industry stands witness to it. This business relies so much on customer satisfaction that you cannot turn them down. Often, you will come across attendees who would be willing to attend your event for one or two seminars, or people who would be wanting to attend but will have time and place constraints holding them back. For them, you could have different ticket categories so that they pay for what they’re interested in. Also, for a nominal amount, you offer live streaming or online feeds of the event for those who cannot be physically present. This will not just ensure more participation, but also cement you as a considerate and thoughtful planner.

#5 Give Them A Chance To “Earn” Their Tickets

Remember the tagline – “You don’t just buy a Bournville; you earn it.”
Though, in this case, your attendees may not have to buy the tickets in the first place. Social Media Marketing is a very, VERY powerful tool (which is why it is ALWAYS there on every marketing blog) and if all you’re doing on your social media accounts is posting content, then you’re not using it optimally. Build a more interactive platform by hosting contests on social media, and reward the winners with free tickets and goodies. And when you’re designing the contest, keep in mind that it’s not only aimed at branding but also building a rapport with your potential attendees.


The concept is very simple – have a smaller event a few days before your main event, wherein you could have glimpses of your main event to get people excited hyped. For example, if you have a big concert coming up, your band could go and perform a small gig at a café or a park where you are most likely to find your target audience. After you have their attention, you can inform them about the upcoming concert and set up a small registration desk for people to buy tickets right away (without really giving them a chance to change their minds after that big impression you’ve created).

#7 Less Is More

You can always use the ‘HURRY UP! ONLY 15 TICKETS LEFT!’ (and then the counter decrements to display 14) tactic for selling your last minute tickets. Awakening a sense of urgency always works when you’re trying to sell tickets to those who are doubtful. It’s a process that goes like this:
“Oh, I’m really not sure if I should be attending this event. They do have some good speakers, but is it really worth the time and money? I should call up Joey and ask if he’s going, too… ONLY 2 EVENT TICKETS LEFT?! *registers* *buys ticket* *checks out* Phew, that was close!”
You could install a countdown widget on your website and social media platforms, but NEVER lower your price because it is downright unfair to the attendees who bought your tickets way back at the standard rates. You will lose a lot of your faithful attendees if you make that one wrong move.


Of course, your ticket sales speak about your revenue, so it is important to try whatever you can do to maximize the online ticket selling of your event. But, overthinking might actually result in things going haywire. So, keep calm and trust these 7 marketing tactics for boosted sales, and don’t be scared to take risks. If you know of other methods that have worked for you, do share them with us in the comments below!

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