Managing Multiple Events And Shows With Ease

Managing Multiple Events And Shows With Ease

Life as an event manager can sometimes take a toll if you’re unable to juggle multiple events and shows with ease. Being constantly immersed in a balancing act, it’s only natural to slow down especially when you’re multi-tasking to create, manage, and market events. It goes without saying that event presenters using our enterprise-grade features tend to rest easy when it comes to managing multiple events. Want to know how? Here’s a quick takeaway. 

1. Call Upon The Wizard

Preferred by event presenters who create multiple events and shows every week, our event setup wizard weaves magic. For event presenters new to the event management industry, setting up and managing multiple events may seem overwhelming at first, but through our event setup wizard, you can create templates to streamline your event creation and management on a single page. 

2. Set Up Multiple Performances

Organizing multiple events and shows in a week or in the same day? Create multiple performances for a single event with different time slots and dates for a single event. Our most-used feature for venues and events such as theaters, auditoriums, workshops, and conferences. Learn more about setting up multiple performances for a single event here

3. Use Ticket Customization Templates

We believe every element of your event deserves its own branding and design. But who has the time to design e-tickets for every show and performance that you’re organizing, right? With our ticket customization feature, never let a single e-ticket be bland and boring. Just how every show brings its own unique persona, your e-ticket should reflect the same. With our ticket customization templates to choose from, you won’t be wasting time designing tickets from scratch. Add your logos, sponsor images, and upcoming events on your e-ticket to up its brand value. Here’s a handy guide on customizing your e-ticket. 

4. Make It Visible On Your Online Store

Are you still trying to list all your new and upcoming events one by one on event listing websites? The event industry can be competitive no doubt, but with Yapsody on your side, it definitely takes a load off when it comes to increasing visibility. When you create events and go live with them, they are automatically updated on your online ticket store. Not only do you get your own subdomain, but you can directly share them on your social media platforms.

Now, that wasn’t so time-consuming, now was it? If you’re an event organizer looking for an easy event management platform, SIGN UP here

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