Making The Most Out Of Thanksgiving With Premium Event Ticketing

Making The Most Out Of Thanksgiving With Premium Event Ticketing

Thanksgiving has always been about giving back to the community. And since we’ve been already helping event presenters like yourself with all these handy tips throughout 2020, we thought we’d make it extra special with our FLAT 40% ThanksGiving Offer. 

Before you get busy adding finishing touches to your Thanksgiving menu, we thought of reminding you that Thanksgiving is a little later than usual this year. This makes it advantageous for you to start planning your events with ease. More time for planning = better events. 

Here’s how to make the most out of this Thanksgiving with our Premium Event Ticketing:

1. Plan Community Dinners 

Who doesn’t love a traditional Thanksgiving meal with roast turkey and pumpkin pies? Do your part for the community by organizing charitable dinners or Thanksgiving dinners for the less fortunate. Using our FLAT 50% Rebate for Non-Profits, you can make a huge difference by stabilizing your cash flow and bring people together for a memorable time. Check out how Georgia Smoke has been consistently organizing community dine-ins as a non-profit organization. 

2. Create An Invite-Only Event

We know it’s all about the family time during Thanksgiving. Make sure you maintain the exclusivity of the gathering by using our Access Code feature that will allow event access only to those who you invite with a special code.   

3. Social Media To The Rescue

Let our social media tools do all the promotional tasks while you sit back and focus on the Thanksgiving dinner prep. With our event marketing tools and features, make your event stand out. 

4. Ease Of Email Marketing

Whether you’re planning for one Thanksgiving event or a Thanksgiving week full of events, don’t let budget constraints hold you back from marketing them to your audiences. Our powerful Mailchimp Integration makes it simple as pie to sync all your audience details and send out timely emails that help market your upcoming events. 

5. 24/7 Support By Your Side

Being a family affair of sorts, we understand that event presenters and organizers would also love to kick back and enjoy their Thanksgiving with close ones. With our 24/7 chat and phone support by your side, all your event-day woes and queries can be put to rest by us. Communicating last-minute changes, payment issues,  or ticket validation issues are a thing of the past. 

We’re hoping you make the most out of our FLAT 40% Offer and bring out your community for a memorable Thanksgiving gathering of 2020.

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