How to Make Sure That Your Casino Event Gets the Maximum Shares?

How to Make Sure That Your Casino Event Gets the Maximum Shares?

If you’ve been a part of event management and casino event marketing for a while now, you would know that the success and the failure of any event are based on the publicity it gets, and how popular it is. Obviously, a popular event that attracts a large number of people is more successful than one that comes and disappears without a trace. Now if you think about it, the popularity of your event is closely related to how many times your event gets shared. When we’re talking of sharing events, we’re talking about your customers promoting the event, word of mouth advertising, posting about it on social media and so on. But if you’ve ever observed closely, you’ll see that some events get shared more than others. Strange, isn’t it?

But that’s the harsh truth about casino event promotion. And we all know that unless your event gets shared multiple times, online ticket selling is going to take a hit. Here are a few reasons why some events become more popular than others-

1) Emotion: How does your event affect your audience?

One of the key factors that determine the success of any casino event would have to be the emotive factor. How does your event appeal to the audience? How does it affect them? Are they being indifferent to it? Or does it strike a chord in their heart? If you appeal to the audience on a deeper level, you’re likely to get more shares because audiences are constantly looking for something that makes them feel. This is more in case of charity events. If you make your promotions more powerful and impactful, it will tug at their emotions. This is definitely one of the reasons why some casino events go viral while others don’t.

2) Descriptive Titles: Giving your customers a clear idea

Think about it, if you’re reading something on social media, wouldn’t you rather click on something that has a descriptive title? The same goes for events. If they have longer and more elaborate titles, audiences are going to be sharing it more. That is because one look at the title would give the audience a clear idea of what the event is all about. They wouldn’t have to read the additional content of the event to know more. Remember this, customers hate cryptic titles. Naturally, you should keep your titles simple, straightforward and long- at least 10 words.

3) Pictures: The latest fad in social media

If you’re part of social media, haven’t you ever noticed how pictures are shared more than text? Well, that’s because no one wants to read paragraphs of long text. However, they would rather share large, vibrant and expressive images. In social sharing, statistics show that images are shared twice as much as a text. That is precisely why you need to get some fabulous images and make the most of graphics designing technology, now at your fingertips, to help you get the most appealing designs.

The ticket sales of your casino event would depend on the number of times your event is being shared since that means it is reaching out to a maximum number of people. With more and more people finding out about it, your event promotion and ticket sales would see a rise. If your casino events haven’t received many shares in the past, you must have been missing out on these three important aspects of event promotion. But that’s okay, the next time you plan an event you could keep the above in mind.


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