Make Your Fans Your Brand Promoters In 4 Easy Steps

Make Your Fans Your Brand Promoters In 4 Easy Steps

Your loyal fans are your biggest influencers; they have the ability to draw people towards your brand. Their recommendations and references can influence their friends and others on various platforms. They can be a driving force in your event marketing. If you are looking for ways to transform them as your promoters, then check out what we’ve got for you.

What’s your brand image?

Before you set on to use your fans as promoters, first analyse your brand personality. Does your brand have a voice of its own and do they connect with your fans? That’s the first question you should be asking yourself. People are most likely to follow and show interest in your event if they can relate to it. And how do we find it out? Well, you need to interact with them in a more subtle tone. Be genuine and don’t make any false promises because this will keep your fans away. Understand your loyalists thoroughly to know what clicks instantly with them. The more they get hooked to your brand, the more they are likely to carry out event promotions.

Who will be your brand promoters?

Your fan base may be strong but all of them are not and can’t be your promoters. So, it is necessary to identify your potential super promoters amongst your superfans. Not every fan who shares or likes your posts on social media is a brand promoter. Do proper research to determine them; check out who are most active on your page, and who regularly purchase your tickets. Listen to what they are saying about your brand, and identify amongst the many and connect with them because these fans can definitely boost your ticket sales.

Where are your fans visible the most?

Get to know where and how they are spreading a word about your event – on social media, through blog posts or email marketing? Put up only engaging and meaningful content on the platforms where they are most active. But what, you are not doing anything for them? The best way to encourage them is by rewarding. Giving them lucky coupons, free event tickets or formal invitation to your event party will definitely motivate them.

Making use of CRM

Bring out customer database stacked up in Customer Relationship Management and use these resources to get every detail about your customer. In addition to improving your business, CRM can aid in customer retention or woo new customers and clients. It is a useful system to make business strategy, gather customer information, to know what they want, to make event analytics and marketing efforts; in short to comprehend how the relationship between your company and customers is growing. A user-friendly option is Salesforce CRM application, which makes it easy for companies to connect with customers, clients and their business partners.

With a clear strategy, you can nurture your fans as your promoters. And believe it, they can do a lot for you.

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