Leveraging YouTube For Your Event Marketing

Leveraging YouTube For Your Event Marketing

YouTube has evolved into the world’s largest online video platform apart from being a must-have social media platform. Although event marketers and hospitality giants are present on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for their social media marketing needs, YouTube has been a hit or miss for many. With 2291 million active users, YouTube comes in second place after Facebook for the most famous social media platform. 

With video content already projecting to take over the web traffic, event marketers should immediately start building their YouTube strategy for effective event promotion.

Here’s How You Can Leverage YouTube For Event Marketing: 

  • Build Event Hype Through Teasers

Have an upcoming event on the horizon? Create an event audience resonating video content plan. Choose your video style, length, event themes that could make up the storyboard of your video teasers. 

You might want to spread as much information you can through your videos but try to keep it at the 30-60 second mark in case of teasers. 

Follow-up your teasers with slightly lengthy formats up to 2 minutes which sheds light on your event information, location, prices, artist line-up, and so on. 

  • Co-Branded Video Content

Looking to grab more eyeballs for the initial phase of your event marketing? A smart way to play this out is to create co-branded video content with your event affiliates such as venue owners, sponsors, keynote speakers, logistics partners, event ticketing partners, and so on.

Not only does it add more authority and authenticity to your video, but it also creates a premium feel for your event attendees wanting only the best of the best. It’s a good way to end your event marketing video with a slide of your co-branded partners and affiliates. That way, even your affiliates will feel compelled to share it on their social platforms.

  • Optimize Videos For Search 

Ever since YouTube has been acquired by Google, its video uploading and editing dashboard have become SEO-friendly. This means that you can optimize the video title, description, and other search keywords before publishing your videos, which will help your event marketing easier. Organic search marketing is fairly simple as you just need to sprinkle in some smartly optimized content in your video tags. 

Pro-Tip 1: Our inbuilt event ticketing functionality – SEO for events is undisputed for event marketers and venue owners wanting to attract the right audiences. Before going live with your events, work around the SEO content in such a way that your event page ranks higher in the SERPS. This way, you enhance the organic reach of your event’s page and enhance visibility before promoting your event videos on YouTube for that added push. 

Learn more about Enhancing Event Visibility Through Our Inbuilt SEO Functionality. 

Pro-Tip 2: Once you’ve created a good amount of videos, you can add those video link or the entire YouTube channel link to your Online Ticket Store as a branded element for your event attendees to enjoy. 

  • Use CTA’s and Prompts

If you’re a frequent YouTube user, you must’ve heard “Subscribe to my channel” or “Hit the like button” a million times. As an organic technique to boost video views, subscribers, and overall watch time, CTA’s and in-video prompts are crucial for getting the most mileage out of your promotional event videos. Check out these 8 Types of CTAs you Should Be Using in Your YouTube Channel

You can add CTA’s in the description box to your Online Ticket Store or event registration page for your event attendees for buying tickets or simply signing up for your upcoming events. Apart from CTA’s, you also need to make sure you’re using video cards and end screens to lead your event attendees to the next best video on your channel. 

  • Catchy Thumbnails

A catchy thumbnail is a big part of your video itself. An underrated aspect of YouTube marketing, this element is responsible for your video click rates. The best practices for thumbnails involve:

  • Include a person/people/faces in the thumbnail. 
  • Short, eye-catching text which works as a context of your video. 
  • Stick your brand colors and themes or the event themes to create a uniform YouTube gallery. 

Yapsody YouTube

  • Plug-In Your Social Media

Your YouTube video section is a placeholder for crucial elements such as event ticketing portal link, website link, blog link, and most importantly your social media. As part of your video itself, you could add in your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles for creative branding

YouTube Description

Maximize your description box to give out all the possible information that your event attendees will require and all the relevant offer links too.

It’s basically placing your brand elements smartly through our video or the description box of creating much-needed brand recall.

To sum up, YouTube video stands to be one of the most in-demand forms of event marketing currently. If you aren’t including videos in your social media mix right now, you are incurring a lost opportunity. 


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