Leveraging Customer Support To Streamline Event Management

Leveraging Customer Support To Streamline Event Management

“We’ll be there for you, 24×7” 

– Yapsody Support team

We’ve developed an outstanding track record of providing highly reliable customer relations services for those who’ve signed up on our event ticketing platform. Let’s admit that event presenters and hospitality venues can get overwhelmed with event management and planning. To avoid those event day hassles like a pro, a 24/7 customer support unit is highly recommended for a successful event turnout. 

Event management is a cumbersome task for many, however, with the right team and expertise, you can push your event planning and execution in the right direction. 

Our customer support team operates on the ITIL and HDI support center standard framework where the A-Z of our processes and practices adhere to those frameworks that make seamless ticketing possible for you and your event attendees.

Here’s How You Can Leverage Customer Support To Streamline Event Management:

  • 24/7 Multi-Channel Support

Our unparalleled multi-channel support system through 24/7 live chat, email, handle a large volume of requests about any of your queries whether it’s hotel booking, event reservations, cancellations, and even tech support. With customer support off your back, you can rest easy and focus on your event day checklist, thereby streamlining your event management from the frontlines.

Yapsody Customer Relations & Support As A Service

24/7 Support is provided to both – the event presenter/hospitality venue and their ticket buyers in equal capacity and expertise.

  • Let’s Get Technical 

One of the major hindrances to event day breakdowns or glitches is technical. Our tech support team is adept at sorting it out without getting too technical, just for your ease of understanding and resolution. The issue is prioritized based on the critical and solved with processes to make sure the event is not impacted in any way.

Yapsody Customer Relations & Support As A Service

As part of our Enterprise-Grade features, 24/7 support facilitates your event setup, integrations, query solving, event-day operations, and everything in between. Our support team has got your back, every step of the way through your favored mediums and data-driven user insights.

  • Free Webinar & Live Demo

As part of our Onboarding processes, we offer a free webinar and live demo session. It is a walkthrough session of all our event ticketing features so that you can navigate our dashboard like a pro. Part of streamlining your event management lies in the fact that every user has the means to be a pro user, courtesy of our customer support team.

Yapsody Webinar

  • Quality Feedback & Feature Requests

Whether it’s through Live Chat, Phone Support, or email, capturing the voice of your customer for addressing their pain points is crucial. Our ticketing platform users are quite a diverse lot with different styles of organizing events. 

Our platform is designed to be agile in a way that can accommodate the maximum potential of any and every event presenter or hospitality venue. This is possible through our Customer Support team who are open to discussing the event management requirements and requests of each client and then process it further for implementation.

Have a neat little idea to streamline your event manager’s life? Give us a shout-out through the green chat button on your screen and we will ensure that it goes into our product feature and implementation repository. 

  • Help Yourselves

Knowing our community of event managers, presenters, and on-ground staff, we trust them to be super quick in getting it done by themselves. 

At our Help Center, you’ll have 24×7 access to Support FAQs & Knowledge Articles which will assist you and your event attendees to get the required information in a few seconds. Our Help Center is compartmentalized into different categories to better assist you in a simple, concise manner. 

There you have it, 5 ways our Customer support team makes your life easier for a seamless ticketing experience. We seek to provide exceptional customer support to uplift you and your audience’s trust. We participate actively in the Continual Service Improvement Process because we believe the best support systems are continually evolving to match the expectations. 

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