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“Ticket Description” Feature Helps Your Customers Choose Tickets Better

“Ticket Description” Feature Helps Your Customers Choose Tickets Better

Doesn’t it become really clumsy and confusing when you have to sell your tickets to an adult-only event, or when all your tickets have different characteristics and perks associated to them? Of course, you can always mention these little details in your event’s description, but that will only make your description long and boring. So, is there any other way you can better define your tickets to your customers so that they can choose their tickets wisely?

Turns out, there is! Yapsody is launching the “Ticket Description Feature”, where you can associate a definition and description to every kind of ticket to inform your customers about the nature of tickets that they’re purchasing. For example, if you are hosting an event which has one of its parts as a comedy act where the artist is not really “family-friendly”, you can have a ticket type titled ‘ADULT’. This ticket type can be associated to the description that states, “This ticket type is only available for audience above 18 years of age.” So, only this ticket type will have access to the comedy act, while another ‘GENERAL’ ticket can give access to the rest of the event.

This will help you to regulate your audience and refine them in a better way. At the same time, you can associate little perks to certain ‘VIP’ tickets and mention the same in the description so that your potential customers find out what exactly they’re paying an extra amount for.

Isn’t that an exciting feature, now? Try it out by creating a new event!

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