Unique Ways To Get To Know Your Customers Better

Unique Ways To Get To Know Your Customers Better

Because great men have come and great men have gone trying to figure out how one can know oneself, so if it’s already a lost cause and you can’t do a lot about it, why not focus on something that can actually be beneficial For event presenters like yourself, knowing your customers has to be the first box you put a tick on in your checklist. Of course, you can’t physically call every potential attendee up and ask HR interview-like questions – describe yourself in three words, what are your strengths and weaknesses, do you think you’re greedy if you choose pig over tiger in the Dalai Lama test and so on. With so many options and choices available, it becomes difficult to stick to one single strategy. So, we handpicked some of the best ones to help you out!


This is like the default sub-topic in every event-related blog, isn’t it? And that doesn’t imply you have to automatically skip this part; it implies that there’s so much about Facebook that you just haven’t put to use yet. If you’re ready to shell out a few dollars, you can use Facebook features exclusively meant for businesses. You can upload your customer list and find the ones with an existing profile on the network. Once that’s done, you’ll be equipped with a custom audience that can access your posts and ads. You will also get access to a lot more customer data and the best part is – you can keep returning to your existing customers even as you keep adding new members. Along with that, you get insights into the likes and dislikes of your customers which, from a sales and marketing perspective, can be used to devise foolproof strategies.


Yeah, because everything with a ‘-book’ is a buzz. For less than $40 a month (and a 30-day free trial), you can get this exceedingly sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that gives you all data pertaining to your customers in a single place.

Batchbook lets you

  • Create customer profiles
  • Create to-do lists
  • Club customer data obtained from all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) with existing contact information
  • Do all of the above on your mobile phone

It’s easy-to-use, highly resourceful, and it’s mobile friendly. For $40, that’s ridiculously too much!


Quite similar to Facebook and Batchbook in terms of profile building, KISSmetrics is rather data-driven. It tracks where your customers go while on their mobile, tablet, or PC in terms of digital content. It comes with a 14-day obligation-free trial and later charges close to $80 per month for the ‘startup’ package, which enables unlimited customer profiling and lists. KISSmetrics gives you an insight into the kind of content that makes people linger and campaigns that stir maximum interest.


OnePulse is THE platform that lets you connect personally to your customers. You can ask questions about anything related to your brand or event, and receive responses from customers in real-time via the OnePulse mobile app. It’s like WhatsApp for companies to communicate with their customers. You can also invite customers and form a private OnePlus community to get instant feedback regarding their experiences with your brand. The big win about OnePulse is that it’s pocket-friendly – you’ll be charged around $31 for 100 responses from the OnePulse community, all-inclusive, while getting a private community of customers into OnePulse is absolutely free.


Biased? I’d say we’re smart and extremely fair since we gave everyone else a fair chance to make an impression before we made our move at the end. So, last and no-way-the-least, Yapsody is one of the very few (and best amongst these few) event ticketing platforms that lets you maintain a close rapport with your customers. You will get your own Virtual Box Office (Online Ticket Store) and also a customized URL to let your customers know all about your event. This is going to be a hub for personalized FAQs that you can put up to help out your customers, your contact details so that they can directly get in touch with you, social media tools and widgets to enable spreading the word easily, and a MailChimp integration tool to easily import your contact list. Really, are we just an online ticketing system? I doubt!


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