Know Within 5 Minutes Why Ticketing is a MUST for Club Events!

Know Within 5 Minutes Why Ticketing is a MUST for Club Events!

Lighting, DJ, an incredible playlist and food and drinks are sure to get everyone grooving to the beat and have a fabulous time. The overall experience you offer right from buying tickets online till the attendees leave the club defines your club’s brand image and credibility. Are you NOT selling tickets online? If you’ve been using an ordinary ticketing system, or not using one at all, it’s time to rethink. Using an online event ticketing system not only reflects on your professionalism, but it also streamlines your ticket selling process and helps you maximize your revenue generation potential from any event. We bring you 11 important factors that make an online event ticketing system an obvious choice for your club or cafe event.

1. Simplified Ticket Booking Flow
You’ve invited the best band in town. A potential attendee wants to buy tickets online, but your event isn’t showing up online. Now that can be disappointing for anyone. That’s not the case with Yapsody. When you sign up with Yapsody, you can create your own online ticket store from the virtual box office. You can use our SEO integration to optimize your content in a way that it will appear first when your attendees try to search your event online on Google or any other search engine. This way your events are easily found and attendees can easily book their tickets through your online ticket store. It displays all your club events with date, time and location along with the exact location on the map. Your attendees can easily find your events online and buy tickets from anywhere and anytime.

2. Effective Ticket Revenue Collection
You’ve worked tirelessly to put up a great club event. You definitely don’t want your attendees to abandon the online transaction because they couldn’t find a way to pay for their tickets. At Yapsody, we support multiple payment gateways, 15 prominent languages and 170+ currencies so your attendees have no reason not to buy the tickets. Moreover, our 24/7 customer support is always there to help you or your attendees. Whether you need help while setting up your event or if your attendees have any queries about the parking or food, we are always there to help you.

3. Create Multiple Club Events with Ease
The holiday season is here! Which means a line up of parties for your attendees. You don’t have the whole day to sit in front of your computer to create each event from scratch. Instead, use our virtual box office to create your event, you can copy the same event and edit it to add your future events.

4. Reserved Seating
Whether your attendees are celebrating their friend’s last day as a bachelor or are simply at the club to party with their friends, your attendees will thank you for offering reserved seating. We’ll tell you why. As the DJ pumps up the party with great music, people will love to dance endlessly. But once the music stops, they’d want to grab a seat after a tiring dancing session. That’s why always offer reserved seating. At Yapsody, we offer your attendees a seating layout so they can choose their preferred seats well in advance. Your club security has one less problem to worry about.

5. Multiple Ticket Types
Club events attract all types of attendees. From VIPS to the regulars, you can create multiple tickets types with our online ticketing system. While some may want to party, others may prefer drinks, party and food in their tickets. Yapsody lets you create unlimited ticket categories of tickets. You can choose to offer your attendees entry tickets with no cover or offer bundled tickets with meals and drinks inclusive in the ticket price.

6. Ticket Customization
Tickets you design and create can be the reason for your attendee’s happiness. Be it a DJ battle or live band performing at your club, customize your ticket using our ticket customization feature. You can either have the photos of both the DJs (DJ Battle) or of the artists from the live band on the ticket and personalize it the way you like.

7. Easy Promotion
Watching your club full of attendees grooving to the music is your dream? Make it happen. Promote your event well in advance. If you’ve invited a popular band at the club, make sure you announce it on social media. The benefit of using the best club event ticketing system is that while you sell tickets online, you can promote your events through them. When you sign up with Yapsody, you can use our premium event listing feature to post your club events for free. Additionally, you can use our MailChimp integration to send out personalized emails to your attendees. Did we mention that we share your events on our social media profiles? We promote your event on social media, so your club events get the maximum coverage. That’s not it. We also feature your club events on our blogs. that way, your event are promoted through every medium and your online ticket sales numbers are way better than what you expected.

8. Quick Validation
You planned a great marketing technique and your dream has partially come true. You see the crowd gathering at the door. With the delay in validation, your attendees are now restless and ‘boom!’ your reputation just went down the drain. That’s the last thing you’d ever want. Let’s repeat the same scenario but with a happy ending. Your attendees are at the door, all excited to enter. You use our mobile app – YapScan, validate each attendee and let them in without wasting any time. You just offered them a great experience right before the party could even start. Next time they know you’re hosting a party, check the response you’ll receive because of the experience you offered.

9. Easy Reporting
As the crowds pour in at the club, your smile only gets wider. But you’d surely want to know your online ticket sales numbers. With Yapsody’s mobile app – YapStats, you can easily track your sales conversions and track your sales data in real-time. Apart from YapStats, our integration with Google Analytics lets you track your marketing campaigns, so you know if your marketing strategies are working or needs a change.

10. Low Fees
Booking a popular DJ, arranging crafted beers, cocktails, the best food, promotion costs along with high event ticketing fees can put your budget off track. We at Yapsody offer you premium features at an incredibly low price. If you sell more than 1000 tickets, you’re eligible for much higher discounts that you can avail for an entire year through our loyalty program. Choose our “Pass on Fee” feature and make event ticketing absolutely free for you.

11. Great Offers
Who doesn’t love offers? With Yapsody as your ticketing partner, you enjoy our low pricing and our ongoing offers. Since you’re saving on your ticketing fees, you can either roll out some crazy offers like the early bird or a group discount. The potential attendees will not just book a single ticket but convince their entire clan to avail of the group discount and enjoy a DJ night with them. Using our free online ticketing system, you can roll out multiple discount codes to your attendees and share them via email marketing or social media.

If you’ve welcomed your attendees well at the door, given them the best music and experience, there’s no reason they won’t come back for more. Planning a club event? Here’s your chance to use our premium online ticketing system. Easily create your next club event, sign up with Yapsody and claim your offer. We have the best holiday season offers going on right now. Use our promo code HOLIDAY25 and avail a 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

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