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Outstanding Ways To Make Your Event Stand Out

Keys To an Outstanding Event

Most of us who have a 9 to 5 job view weekends and holidays as their escape from monotonous routines. These weekends and holidays are, hence, the business periods for event managers who provide these ‘normal’ people chances to step out of ‘normalcy’ by participating in events that are not only fun and entertaining, but also spread awareness and knowledge. What you, as an event presenter, need to understand is that you’re not the only one who’s trying to get his hands on this leisure time of potential attendees. So, if you want your event to catch your buyers’ attention, you have to make it stand out, and this is how you do it-

  1. Social Media Influencers

Of course, Social Media is a default sub-heading in all event related blogs. Want to sell event tickets? Social Media! Want to make your event popular? Social Media! Want to attract guest speakers? Social Media!

But what is it about the Social Media that actually makes a big show of your event?

Even if you don’t have a gargantuan budget for online promotion, you can do wonders if you just get in touch with people who are already popular on the Social Media. Find out bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and Facebook pages that belong to your niche and have a huge list of followers, and collaborate with them. This way, your event will be recommended by highly trusted personalities to a potential audience of over a million, and that will definitely make it stand out.

  1. ‘Live’ in The Moment

Marketing 101: Using numbers and statistics in a statement makes it sound 92% more convincing. I just made THAT one up, though.

Coming to the point (and these numbers are real, mind you), 86% of buyers would appreciate interactive media content, and 76% of people regretfully accept that browsing through a friend’s pictures of an event or a place they vacationed in makes them want to go there, too. So, keep your live feeds going at a full speed, click pictures of photogenic locations and areas in and around your event, record small video clips (or vlogs, as they are called) and keep posting them on your event’s Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel, website, blog etc. to create a more interactive environment with your audience.

  1. Share The Love

Whenever you receive attendee feedback about your previous events, or if anyone across the web has posted anything positive about the same, you should share them on your profiles to add a pinch of, or maybe I should say a mound of credibility to your firm. Your potential attendees will heavily rely on the past experiences of your previous attendees instead of self-promoting statements made by your own company. So, make sure that you glorify good reviews and use them to make your event stand out.


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