Innovative Event Organizing Measures

Innovative Event Organizing Measures

Like I’ve mentioned a lot many times, the event industry is extremely dynamic. The ones who change are the ones who grow. With the world witnessing technological developments every time you take a sip of coffee from your cup, event presenters are not taking the backseat and sticking to the “good old classics”. What are these innovative tricks that they are using to make their events a success? Are you using them, too?


After you’ve spent the past few hours browsing evening gowns on online stores, all websites you visit next will have advertisements showcasing discounts on evening gowns at various websites. Co-incidence? Nah! Personalized digital marketing.

As an event presenter, you could also segment your customers based on their past experiences with you or their preferences. Simple things like including their names in the subject lines of email newsletters, or greeting them with a “Welcome Back!” if they’re visiting your page for the second time, these things create a lasting impression and you’re bound to get higher conversion rates.


Event presenters practically breathe data and analytics to measure their progress, and to ensure their ways are working. The budget, revenue generated from selling event ticket, attendee reports, and engagement analytics are some of the many figures that are always buzzing at the back of your head. Data collection is not a big task, analyzing and utilizing it is. If you have an event at Yapsody, you can use YapStats to get all the numbers related to your event integrated into a single app, so that analyzing it in a single glance doesn’t sound like an overstatement.


Ever logged on to a stranger chatting website and talked to someone? There are very few people who’d actually be interested in your name or your hobbies, or even greeting you for that matter. The first question they ask you would be – ASL? (short for age, sex, location). It is obviously very cold and unwelcoming, and makes you want to disconnect the very next moment.

This is a common mistake that event organizers need to accept and move on from. Grouping customers based on demographics is NOT in trend now. Every attendee wants to be acknowledged by his identity, his personal interests and goals, and not just a number. Add some personal touch to the way you invite your potential attendees, the way you communicate with them and consider their ideals. This will add definite value to your event as well as your organization.


While it definitely implies responding to your attendees in as little time as possible, the tech-savvy generation is familiar with the pun attached to the term. Your online content is supposed to be responsive, i.e. it should look good on any device that your attendees may use. Event websites, emails, networking platform, speaker profiles – all should be optimized for viewing on the big as well as small screens. Because the world today is way smarter, ensure that online content pertaining to your event is optimized for smartphones and tabs of all kinds.


“But… I’ve always been serious about that!”

Of course, you have. But, there’s always scope for betterment, isn’t it?

Word-of-mouth is the BEST (no amount of bolding, italicizing, or underlining could stress on just how important it is) marketing tool. It is organic, and cannot be faked, but you have to roll out referral programs to actually get it going. When attendees are given the opportunity to earn rewards for simply referring the event to their friends or colleagues, you’re turning them into brand ambassadors. The more brand ambassadors you successfully enable, the more you’re going to be promoted.


Yes, eat it up till you’re satiated! Almost every task can be automated to save time and increase efficiency. Event managers who are too far ahead in the technical marathon even use drones to capture images that professional photographers are unable to. Further, there are innumerable apps that do most of the updating and calculating business for you without you putting in anything except your login details. Find out technological developments in the event industry and make complete use of them.


Spreadsheets are huge necessities, and give just as huge headaches when they are color-coded, complex, and multi-tabbed. Maybe you can never entirely get rid of them, but you can definitely skip the part where you have to manually edit them. There are apps that automatically update your list of registrations and separate out attendees based on whether they’ve paid or no, or are returning customers, and many other filters.


Now that we’re talking about getting everything done ‘automatically’, let’s talk about the humans who fill in for these robots that you fancy – freelancers. Often, deadlines aren’t met because a few things were left hanging and weren’t achieved on time, be it a promotional video, or a logo for the event, or a simple blog post. With websites like Fiverr and Taskrabbit, you can get a list of people who’d do these little jobs for you for as less as $5, hence relieving you of the stress that these little pesky pests bring with them.

In conclusion, all the above points focus on one primary thing – personalization. The event organizers who look into the depths of the needs and requirements of their target audience, and try to relate with them on a personal level often find the best solutions and strategies to make things work in their favor. Your ultimate goal should be to create an unforgettable experience that touches the lives of your attendees. Anything that distracts you from this goal can be outsourced.

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