Increase Ticket Sales With The ‘Checkout As Guest’ Feature!

Increase Ticket Sales With The ‘Checkout As Guest’ Feature!

Did you know that 35% of online customers abandon a transaction due to compulsory registration processes? Basically, if you have a conversion rate of 30%, it means that out of the 100 people who land on your website, 30 are going to try purchasing a ticket. Out of these 30 people, you stand to lose as many as 11 people simply because your event ticket booking system required them to create an account. That’s a humongous loss for an event presenter because you don’t just lose a potential attendee; you are probably losing a loyal customer. 

But, we can’t really get rid of the sign-up procedure completely because we need the data our attendees fill up during the event registration for our database. Want to increase your online ticket sales? Here is the new feature for booking a ticket without registration.

The ‘Checkout As Guest’ feature allows your customers to purchase tickets simply by using their email addresses. This means that they don’t have to go through account creation, but you’ll still be able to extract their details when they make the transaction. Here’s how:

  1. Your customers will select the number of tickets they wish to purchase in your event page.
  2. Once they are redirected to the Payment Page, they’ll be asked to enter their email address and name before selecting a mode of payment.
  3. Yapsody will then send a total of 3 e-mails to your customers:
    1. First, giving them an option to create an account with Yapsody.
    2. Second, confirming their transaction for the booked tickets.
    3. Third, providing a link to view and print their tickets.

Isn’t that the most convenient thing for you as well as your customers? Well, we’re trying everything to put that ‘Happy’ in Happy Ticketing! Sign up with Yapsody, get a host of event ticketing system features to boost your online ticket sales. 

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