Increase Online Ticket Sales with Reserved Seating Feature

Increase Online Ticket Sales with Reserved Seating Feature

Long queues, bouncer brawls, pushing into doors, overbooking and ‘fake-saving seats for a friend’ who plans to arrive an hour late by placing a wallet on the seat – these are just a few of an event organizer’s worst nightmares. While many presenters assume that general admission is the easier way to go, it may result in delivering a poor experience to your attendees. Instead, go for the “Reserved Seating” arrangement.
The Reserved Seating feature allows your attendees to self-select their seats from the seating map available on the online ticket store while booking their tickets. It allows them to choose exactly where they would like to be seated to have their ideal viewing experience. Apart from managing seating charts, you can also easily manage ticket inventory, pricing and holds.
The reserved seating feature is available for all events, however, here are 5 event types we most certainly think need reserved seating.

At a live concert, a concert-attendee may miss on a highlight of the show because of looking for a place to sit. To avoid this, give your attendees the option to pick their seat so they don’t have to look for the perfect seat mid-show. Your attendees will even be willing to pay a few extra bucks for VIP tickets to get closer views of their favorite artists. You can create an extra ticket type to sell VIP tickets online or use our hold feature to hold tickets for your special guests.

Clubs & Cafes
It can be overwhelming to a customer who has been waiting for a table and is constantly told to wait another five minutes. While this makes your club look very popular and in-demand, eventually, your loyal customer will go another direction where he is valued more. Take the reserved seating approach instead and avoid unhappy clubbers.

Fairs & Festivals
Festivals are known to draw a magnitude of crowds. A high number of enthusiastic attendees in a limited space is equal to chaos. While festivals usually have people moving around, ‘reserving seats’ may be difficult. In this case, you can introduce different ticket types and allow attendees with premium tickets to have access to seating and exclusive facilities.

Charity Fundraising Dinner
Allow your donors to reserve tables according to their preference. Considering the value they’re adding at your event, this is a little gesture an organizer can show as a sign of appreciation and respect and avoid having them to look for seats.
Charity is a cause close to our hearts and we want to do everything in our capacity to make your non-profit event a success. Apart from the reserved seating feature, we also offer a 50% rebate on your ticketing fee! Read our article on, Why You Must Choose Yapsody for Your Next Charity Event to know more details about this.

Whether it is the frontmost row or the budget-friendly seats at the back, allow your spectators to cheer and support their favorite players from their chosen spot. Sports events are generally time sensitive and to avoid delays of any sort, reserved seating is crucial to organize a sporting event successfully.

Be it an event of any nature, when you give your attendees a seamless booking experience, they’ll always come back for more. If you’re planning an event and think you need to offer reserved seating, go ahead and create an event with Yapsody and we’ll help you sell tickets online in minutes.

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