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Improving Your Team Efficiency with Our Enterprise-Grade Ticketing Features

Improving Your Team Efficiency with Our Enterprise-Grade Ticketing Features

Events are only as good as teamwork that goes behind the scenes for making it happen. It’s your team that creates a fine line between a hit and miss when it comes to streamlining your event management flow.

Whether yours is a tightly-knit crew or a larger set of teams that makes it happen, expedite their potential and mobility with our Enterprise-Grade Features. Functioning like a top-of-the-line hospitality & entertainment enterprise is now possible for every event entity, even while planning and executing your socially distanced events

Here’s How Our Enterprise-Grade Features Improve Your Team Efficiency:

Streamline your team members or departments by aligning team-wise, event-wise, venue-wise, or location-wise access and permissions based on their role in your organization.

For example, you can give scanning permission to all your team members but can elect to reserve the “unscanning” function for dedicated team personnel.

Automating your ticket validation and report generation process is rewarding for your on-ground event management team. As an event manager, you can sit back and observe how your event unfolds while keeping a close watch on the numbers and reports. 

With our YapScan ticket scanner for iOS and Android, your on-ground team can scan and validate a high volume of event tickets on multiple devices without missing a beat.

With our event statistics and reporting app – YapStats, your on-ground team can access instant, real-time event data on the go via multiple iOS and Android devices. 

Have queries during event setup, payment integrations, or while your event is LIVE in action? Our highly acclaimed 24/7 support has got your back by facilitating the best in your team for enhanced event setup, integrations, query solving, event-day operations, and everything in between.

There you have it. Every feature cluster helps your team function as a top-of-the-line hospitality and entertainment entity. For a truly robust approach to your end-to-end ticketing needs, our platform supports all the major powerhouses in the payment processing industry so that you can make the right decision for revenue optimization.

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