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Improving Your Chances Of People Attending Halloween Parties

Improving Your Chances Of People Attending Halloween Parties

While the vaccine and other curable solutions seem to be showing a steady progression, the event community is considering the chances of people attending Halloween parties. It’s a fair enough thought considering the critical nature of the situation that we’re globally battling right now. 

Will COVID-19 Mean No Trick-Or-Treating On Halloween? It depends entirely on how you plan it and the reluctance of your event attendees willing to follow mandatory protocols. As part of our YapStudy insights, we realized that it is not about being allowed to go trick-or-treating. It has more to do with the reluctance of kids and their parents. 

Here are elemental factors that will tip the chances of people attending your Halloween Parties. 

1. Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts 

It’s absolutely imperative that you begin marketing your Halloween events in advance to surpass the limitations of this pandemic. Your event venue,  the safety & sanitization protocols, and the event details need to be promoted well in advance that will give your event attendees good enough time to make the decision of buying your event ticket.  Learn more about navigating the new normal through our COVID-19 resources for event presenters. 

2. Create The Intensity By Social Distancing

Let’s admit it. No one is going to attend your crowded Halloween pub crawl or warehouse party all cramped up. What exactly will make your audience consider your Halloween party? Perhaps an exclusive outdoor event that follows mandatory rules of wearing masks and social distancing. With an outdoor event, you can create the same intensity of horror but by maintaining a safe distance. Enhancing your event operations and logistics is key to achieving this in the new normal. 

3. Keep It Kid Friendly

It was never an adult holiday festival as Halloween was primarily focused on kids going out to trick and treat. Keeping in touch with the traditions, many parents would still want their kids to get a taste of what Halloween is, but not at the cost of risking their safety.

Once you have your event planning centered on making it kid-friendly, you can hope to see people getting interested in your party. Check out a few kid-friendly Halloween party ideas that you can take note of. 

4. Keep It Budget-Friendly

It’s great that you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety and sanitation of your venue but don’t go overboard with your ticket prices. Times are tough and event attendees are less likely to attend your Halloween party if you’re charging them a bomb. Kids are probably not going to be left on their own accord in these times and are most likely to be supervised by their parents. Make sure you pick some budget-friendly themes and create a package deal for kids + parents or parents + teenagers to attract potential audiences. 

5. Brand Your Costumes 

Safety gear such as face masks and PPE kits can double as spooky surgical face coverings, fake hazmat suits which parents won’t mind their kids wearing. Costume suppliers will surely be leveraging these items and you too can tie up with them to incorporate your brand on costumes that are given out before your Halloween event. 

We hope these tips improve your chances of people attending your Halloween parties. It might be tricky at first to think of planning for a Halloween event which is why we’re live with our COVID Recovery Offer that will help you manage your cash flows better and stabilize revenue for the upcoming months.

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