How To Improve Your Event Attendee Journey?

How To Improve Your Event Attendee Journey?

The attendee journey is the journey of your event attendees from the minute they come to know about your event till the moment they boast about it on social media. competition for their attention and time. Your attendee’s journey starts with the registration process and ends with post-event follow-ups.

To master this approach, here are a few key pointers to understand the attendee expectations and thrive to exceed them.

1. Save Trees & Save the Trouble

If you’re worried online event registrations might be too high-end and causing high volume wastage of paper tickets, then you need to switch to online event ticketing and customized E-tickets. That’s right – everybody today prefers an online event ticketing systems to paper forms because they’re easier, hassle-free, less complicated, and planet-friendly.

2. Okay, class, form a Group!

*everybody looks at their homies*

Asking one person to register for an entire group is, again, less complicated, efficient, and cost-effective. You can promote group event registrations by creating group discounts, and including an option for group registration on your Online Ticket Store. 

At the same time, communicate with event attendee groups individually to confirm their attendance, just to make sure nobody is being dragged into it forcefully (if they’re homies, that is happening).

3. Give Them Access To The Driver’s Seat

Giving your attendees the chance to “personalize” their event experience will leave them much happier than branded pens & notepads. You could include preferences on your event page wherein your attendees will be able to choose their meals, t-shirt sizes, VIP services, and probably even vote for the guest speaker they desire.

4. Work For Them

If you’re all about focusing your event around your attendees, you might as well fill out their forms for them. Especially for repeat attendees, they would appreciate it if their registration data is already available in the browser, relieving them of typing the same stuff all over again. This will reduce entry errors and there will be fewer drop-outs in your ticket booking process.

5. Are you SURE you’re coming? 

Event organizers are basically competing for attendees’ time and attention because everyone’s busy. You might want to send a series of reminders to confirm their RSVP as they might’ve changed their minds, or forgotten about the event completely. 

As part of your attendee journey, these emails will help you figure out if there are going to be free spaces and also act as reminders for your attendees.

6. I’m going if you’re going! 

The chances of signing up for an event are directly proportional to the chances their best friends doing the same. It’s enhances the attendee journey if you include a list of attendees, influencers, brand advocates, or VIPs on your event page and your confirmation emails so that they’re aware your event audience beforehand.

7. Build Better Badges

Attendee badges should have data that can be contained in a single QR code for easy scanning and exchanging. Along with their names, including their scheduled meetings, sessions they’ve signed up for, demographics, and other information that you think is relevant (try relationship status, just in case a hopeless guy is trying to pick up dates at your event. Well, he’s an attendee, too, so honor his needs).

8. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

You’re asking me why? Really? Because you do ask too many questions, that’s why!

When you’re asking your attendees to fill out forms, they are most likely to get bored and annoyed if the forms are long and irrelevant. Try using conditional logic to form questions that get displayed based on what the registrant has previously entered. Less trouble for attendees, less workload for you. 

Pro-tip: Make sure you use our Surveys & Questionnaires feature to get the job done right.

9. Before The End…

Now that you’ve simplified the registration process (this is where the quote at the beginning makes sense), you have a head start with nailing your attendee journey approach. Work on these lines when you plan out every step after this, and there won’t be a single unhappy attendee leaving your event (the hopeless guy trying to pick up dates can be excluded).

Now that you’re aware about mapping out your event attendee’s journey like a true trailblazer, don’t forget to sign up with us to access our premium grade ticketing features to streamline your event ticketing journey. 

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