Ways To Measure Your Event’s Success with Data Analysis

Ways To Measure Your Event’s Success with Data Analysis

In an era drowned in technology, there is no escape from data analysis. You cannot deny the importance of data nowadays and this is more applicable in case of event planning. You must collect, analyse and take action on collected data to become more productive as a marketer or event planner. Your success to make an event successful depends more or less on how you collect, disseminate and organize data.

Data collection is important because you must exactly know your audience and who are the guests attending your event. Moreover, you must also capture the feedback of the audience to make next event successful. Finally, if you want some publicity, data is unavoidable for post-event media sessions to make an impact.

Depending on your event attendees and the nature of events, the most important data analysis you’d like to follow are the following:

It is Important to Know the Factors that Influenced Your Attendees

You must segment your market depending on the demographic data of event attendees. It will pave your path for a smoother next event. You must know the productivity of your email campaign, how many people turned out, how early did they register and what made them to take the decision to register for your event or concert? These are not omissible.

The Response to Your Invitation

You must judge whether your digital marketing strategies are working nicely by measuring sent vs. seen data. The CTR and conversion rate will offer you a valuable knowledge of the likeness or repulsion for your event among the masses. By utilizing the metrics, you can shape up, modify or change the next event’s planning.

The Turnout Ratio is the Next Important thing

You are ultimately trying to be profitable, right? It is therefore of utmost importance to check the Return on Investment (ROI) of your last event. Just check the ratio of total expenditure to total revenue collected and you would be more or less sure whether you need to do something spectacular for the next event or you have already done one.

The Impact of Digital Strategy

If you are an event pro, you understand the power of digital media very well. While it is unavoidable not to have a proper social media strategy, you must also know whether the one you have created for your next event is bearing fruit or not. This is equally applicable for a post event scenario.

Post Event Analysis

You must collect the feedback and suggestions after an event because no event is potentially the last event marketed and / or managed by you. The post-event metric will help you decide on a lot of attributes, including event venue, planning efficiency, event ticket selling prices and proper utilization of other digital metrics. You cannot take anything for granted, can you?

These are the data that tell you how well you have fared in event planning or marketing. If you have performed poorly, work hard.

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