How to Use Instagram For Your Event Marketing

How to Use Instagram For Your Event Marketing

Instagram and Snapchat have turned out to be much more popular amongst teens worldwide, surpassing the once-dominant Facebook. Instagram is adding over 300 million active users each month whereas Facebook adds 228 million. It comes as no surprise why event marketing has swayed in favor of Instagram. Here are key takeaways on using this platform for your event promotion: 

Building Hype

You can have a killer line-up and a seamless ticketing page, but if your audience has no clue about your event, they won’t be landing on your page. Word of mouth used to work well but in this age of sold-out ticket phases, building the initial hype online that follows up to your event is absolutely crucial. Build momentum through highly visual yet shareable content like teasers, headliners, and early bird tickets. Divide your marketing campaign into pre-buzz, launch, and post-launch phases for content distribution. 

Give Your Event A Visual Personality 

No one trusts a shoddy flyer that is made with stock images. Invest in a graphic designer who can translate your brand ideas into simple yet eye-catching  GIFS and videos.

Instagram is all about punchy aesthetics that makes someone forward your post or story to their DM list. Consider half of your marketing done when your followers start spreading the word. Keep an eye on the Insights tab to see which type of posts are doing well. 


For certain events like an annual fundraiser cookout, people need content in the form of a story to refresh their memories. Testimonials of past attendees or short clips from the previous year will bring in both the old and new audiences to your event. This is a good time to refresh and repurpose your old content. Keep an event calendar in your “Highlights” section that helps your attendees plan better. Don’t forget a unique #hashtag that ties in with your upcoming event and makes it easier for people to discover your stories through it.  

Sell Tickets 

The ultimate goal for any event promoter is to sell out the venue. All the previous 3 strategies should eventually lead to a CTA that lands on a ticketing platform. You can add the booking link in your profile bio and also add it as a link in your stories where followers can swipe up and land on the ticketing page.  Some ways of accomplishing a sold-out venue quickly are:

  • Giving out free tickets through “Tag 3 friends to Win” contest
  • Early bird tickets which create a sense of urgency among the audience
  • A flash sale with the messaging “Only 100 more tickets available”

Behind The Scenes 

People love being involved in the event through sneak peeks or behind the scenes. They love getting to know the brains behind the operations of an event. As an event marketer, you should post photos or videos of logistics crews, artist prep,  sponsors, and other participants. Use the Live Video feature by putting up a story informing your followers of the time slot that you plan on going LIVE. 

User-Generated Content 

Proof of a good hashtag turning into a great campaign is evident here. If your event turns out awesome, it’s guaranteed to leave a huge footprint on social media. Your audiences might go live during your event, or post a few stories, and eventually make a carousel post at the end of the night. Even after the completion of your event, you can repost their content on your feed. Everyone loves an awesome group photo, which is why user-generated content is a great way to wrap up your event into a memorable one. 

With the Yapsody’s ticketing platform,  you get features such as Reserved Seating, Ticket Customisation, QR Code Ticket Scanner and much more. Our digital marketing team handles your Instagram Event Marketing which is tailor-made for your brand. Reach out to us HERE if you want additional event marketing services which are an exclusive feature for presenters creating an event with us.  

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