How to Smartly Sell Concert Tickets Online

How to Smartly Sell Concert Tickets Online

Whether it’s a spiritual or a rock concert for the headbangers, concerts have a way of moving the masses. If we were in the ’90s without the presence of the internet and social media, selling concert tickets online would have been an arduous task. Luckily, that’s not the case. Our era is blessed with top-notch technology, using which you can not only sell tickets online but also save your time and money. Here’s how you can smartly sell your concert tickets online.

Choose Right Event Ticketing Tool
When you’re planning a concert right from scratch, the process can be time-consuming. That’s why we offer you our feature-rich event ticketing system to save your time and money. The combination of best features with the best price makes us an ideal ticketing tool for every event presenter. Once you sign up with Yapsody, you can leave the event ticketing to us. Here’s what we offer. 

Online Ticket Store – Concert lovers wait for tickets to go on sale when their favorite band is playing. Use this opportunity to sell your concert tickets online. Sign up with Yapsody and create your online ticket store with your own subdomain. Make your user interface easy to use. You can personalize your store with your brand colors, design, the image of the artist and your brand logo. Make sure to add external links to your social media pages.

Virtual Box Office – The “Virtual Box Office” is a dashboard you can use to create your online ticket store, set up your payment gateway and select your preferred language and currency. It gives you access to our event wizard, real-time sales analytics, reporting and a lot more. If you have to create multiple concert events, you simply copy your existing event and use it to edit it to add the next concert details. You can also customize your tickets for each concert using the image of the artists and personalize it. Just in case your attendees’ missed booking their tickets online, they can also do it on the spot at the box office.

Seating Arrangement
Stadiums and large open spaces are usually the preferred venues for concerts. But if it’s an indoor event, like at a casino or a hotel, using our reserved seating chart layout can make selecting seats a simple process for your attendees. Be it a reserved seating or a general admission event, offer your concert attendees an option to book their seats/ entry to the venue in advance. Using our online ticketing system, you can create unlimited ticket types including VIP and executive tickets. That way your attendees can enjoy their dream of watching their favorite band perform live without any interruption.

Multiple Payment Gateways
When you give your attendees’ multiple choices to choose from, you simply enhance their experience. With Yapsody as your event ticketing partner, your attendees can choose from multiple payment gateways like PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree and many others for payment processing.

Mobile Apps
The D Day has arrived. Your attendees’ have been imagining this day over and over again. Don’t kill the excitement by making them wait in a queue. With massive crowds, validating each one can be time-consuming. But if you have Yapsody’s YapScan app, you can quickly scan the event tickets and the entry is registered in a jiffy. Similarly, as an event presenter, you’d want to track how many tickets are sold so far. You can do that without a hitch using our YapStats app. Using this app, you can track real-time ticket sales data and get detailed sales conversion reports.

Our Loyalty Program
While you’ve been making efforts to improve your attendees’ experience, it’s time you reward yourself. If you’ve been selling more than 1000 tickets, you are eligible to become a part of our loyalty program and avail massive discounts. Check out our loyalty programs to know more.

Robust Reporting
As you promote your concert on multiple platforms, you can track its effectiveness by integrating Google Analytics with your account. Do you want to track how many visitors are buying tickets on your online ticket store? Use our Facebook Pixel integration to track visitor activity on your online store. Be it through mobile apps or Google Analytics, there’s complete transparency in terms of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns or sales strategy.

Widen the Visibility of your Concert
Whether it’s Snoop Dogg or Pitbull, you could end up giving your attendees a hard time finding your event if it’s not optimized well. If you are an event presenter looking to increase the visibility of your event to the maximum audience, here’s how you do it.

SEO – Search engine optimization means optimizing the content on your online store to increase the quality and quantity of traffic, thereby improving your rankings in the results of Google’s search engine results page. To optimize your concert event, ensure the relevant keywords are added in the title, meta description and the content. SEO widens the visibility of your concert organically. While you optimize the content, make sure the landing page has a clear call to action (Buy Tickets) so your attendees can instantly book their tickets from your online store.

Share on Social Media – Create a buzz about your concert on social media. You can make a small gig or bloopers of the performing artists and post it online. Add it to Instagram and Facebook stories since that’s trending these days. Roll out early bird offers, contests and quizzes. The quiz can be about when the band was formed or what instrument a particular band member plays. To ensure you have a maximum turnout, we promote your events on our social media profiles. Want us to promote your event? Sign up now and fill up our form with your event details to get started.

Premium Event listing – With multiple concerts from competitors, you have to look out for ways to stand out of the crowd. Set yourself apart and promote your event with Yapsody. List your concert events with Yapsody through our premium event listing feature. With this feature, you can display all your concert events on our website. That way, our regular visitors and loyal fans can easily get to know about your upcoming concert events. Lets together deliver better results, post your events with Yapsody for free.

Blogs – Blogs are a great way of promoting your concert. You can blog about backstage drama, a sneak peek into the personal lives of the performing artists and their upcoming concerts. At Yapsody, we feature your concert events on our blogs. The best part is, there’s a buy ticket button that directs the readers directly to your online ticket store. Interested readers can instantly buy your concert tickets online.

Email Marketing – Receiving an email invite for a concert with their favorite band can be your attendees’ dream come true. Easily send out your concert event invites using our MailChimp integration. It’s one of the most effective ways to reach out to your attendees. You can personalize your invites, send access codes or reminders to your attendees. To know more, read our detailed blog on effective email marketing tips.

With these smart tips, you’re sure to sell your concert tickets in minutes. If you’re planning one soon, you can sign up with Yapsody and avail the best features along with our holiday offers. Use promo code HOLIDAY25 to get a 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

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