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How To Setup Online Registration and Payments For Events

Event Registration and Online Payments

We have been an industry leader in contracting and producing several hundred events for the casino and hospitality sector since 1995. In addition to the concert services, our powerful online event ticketing system delivers event registration and management software and payment gateway integrations to event managers worldwide.

If you’re planning your event, here’s how you can set up your Online Registration

Visit our Sign-Up Page and click on Create Your Event or Sign Up option. Once you click on any one of the options, you will be prompted to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email address and password for creating your Yapsody Account. Enter the details and click on ‘Create My Account’.

Screenshot – Yapsody Website

Fill up all the basic fields like Account Name, subdomain, Time zone, etc. and click on ‘Confirm & Proceed’.

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Your Account Name will be the name of your organization. It will be displayed on your online store to the customers and your invoices will be generated with the Account Name.

Claim your Online Ticket Store

We provide each event presenter with an option to create a unique online store link. All your events will be listed under the sub-domain created by you. You can then share the sub-domain with your customers to book tickets for your events.

Once you enter the basic details, click on ‘Confirm & Proceed’. 

Your registration with Yapsody is complete and you will be routed to your Box Office Interface that will help you create your events and configure your payment gateways.

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

Setting Up Payment Options For Events 

We strongly believe that a mode of payment is a crucial touchpoint for event ticketing which can affect ticket sales.  Our event ticketing system supports over 150 currencies and is integrated with online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, WePay,, Braintree, and Meritus. We also offer basic payment options such as cash, cheque, Credit/Debit Card, and Pay Later.

Make sure you head over to our blog – Online Payment Options for Your Events with Yapsody which highlights different payment options that can be integrated on our platform.  

Our online ticketing system is easy to get the hang of where you can create and promote events, plan your event seating, manage users, customize your tickets, and get paid directly in your preferred account. SIGN UP HERE to register and sell your event tickets online.

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